Wednesday, March 14, 2012


After the arrival of Nishka, I've made a new blog where I would be writing about both the apple of my eyes. You can read it here -

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Conversation between hubby and betu a while back -

Hubby singing the song "Sweety sweety tera pyaar chahida..."

Betu: Aap kyun yeh gaana ga rahe ho? Aapki to biwi hai. Aapko girlfriend thode hi chahiye. Aapki biwi naraaz ho jayegi agar aap girlfriend le kar aayoge.

Me: *dumbstruck* usage of word "Biwi" (wife) and also at his understanding of the fact that either biwi or girlfriend.

Going to be a big brother - 5

The excitement and the wait for your chhotu baby keeps going up and down like waves for you. Like me, you are also getting impatient about babys' arrival and keep asking me why does it take so long for the baby to come out.

In the past month you have been referring to the baby mostly as a girl. As Rakshabandhan was approaching you told me that if the baby is your little sister, I should help her tie Rakhi to you as she would be too small by the time Rakshabandhan comes again next year for her to tie it on your hand on her own.

You wanted to know if the baby will also go to same school as you are going to. And when I affirmed, you went on to tell me that you will take good care of the baby as you will be the big brother. I feel so overwhelmed at your concern about your little baby sibling.

Since you continue to believe that the baby will come out of my navel, as we have not tried to explain you the reality, you try peering through the navel to see inside and take a peek at the baby. And I smile at your innocence. I made you feel baby's hiccups the other day and you started counting them. After a while you suddenly shouted "Bhow Bhow" to imitate a dog barking. Totally surprised, I asked you what was that for. And before you could answer I realised you were trying to use the old age method of getting rid of the hiccups - scare the person who is getting hiccups. And you confirmed my notion but were a little disappointed when the trick didn't work.

Since we usually take us with your for all our doctor appointments, if we go over weekend or your school holiday, you hear everything what doctor is telling us whereas we thought you were totally engrossed in playing on my mobile phone. This became evident when one day your Papa told me about one conversation between you and him. You showed your concern about my low lying placenta and asked your why is it important for placenta to move up. So your Papa explained to you as best he could without going too much into medical details. I guess you understood. So later in the day when you were snuggling with me, you told the baby to kick it and move the placenta up. I get so awed at such a mix of innocence and maturity. I love you my jaan.

Although you don't talk about it often but I can see in some corner of your mind there is angst of being away from me when I stay in hospital after giving birth to the baby. And you either keep asking me the same question as to how many days will I be in the hospital or ask me to confirm if I will be in the hospital for 2 days as I had told you long back. Since you have stayed away from me many a times on your own will lately, I have a feeling its just a temporary anxiety. You will do just fine when the time comes.

Your caring attitude towards me continues and sometimes I feel its growing as the time for the baby's arrival is nearing. Other day I had pain in my wisdom tooth. It was a little late at night and your Papa was already asleep while we both were up reading a book together. You started to massage my jaw from outside to make the pain go away and had a worried look on your face. You kept asking me if you should wake up Papa. But I stopped you from doing so as I had already taken a clove and was hoping for it to relieve the pain soon which it did. However, till the 10-15 min the pain was there, you kept insisting that we should wake up Papa looking at me in so much pain and kept sitting next to me massaging my jaw. What do I say about this love and concern of yours my jaan? Words will never be able to do justice to it. Not even 1%.

And two days ago, on Sunday, I told you I would make pizza at home and you were so excited. And at the same time you told me strictly that I should not over strain myself and take help from Papa. When I told you that Papa has exams coming over and he needs to study and that I will manage on my own, you promptly offered to help me. I gave lots of kisses to you for your thoughts and left it at that. I really didn't think you would remember to help later. But you did. Around 7 PM when you came to the kitchen and saw me chopping vegetables for the pizza, you asked me how you can help me, what are the things that you can do to help. When I tried to send you off by saying thank you for your offer and to go and that I would manage, you told me in a very stern tone that I should listen to you and take your help. You reminded me that I've a baby in my tummy and that I should not exert so much. I hugged you tight, showered lots of kisses and asked you to spread the pizza sauce on the pizza base and then spread veggies and then the cheese over it. You did it all so promptly and did a pretty good job.

When I think back on such moments, I think that I must have done some really really good deeds in the past and then thank God for giving you as my Betu. And I know that these thank yous will never be enough. You are too precious a baby for me. Love you soooooooo much my jaan.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mumma = Time Machine

A conversation between Betu and his Papa.

Betu: Mumma is like "Time machine".
Papa: How come?
Betu: She knows what has happened even when she is not there and she knows what's going to happen too.
Papa: *laughs heartily*

Me: *rolling my eyes*

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Google zindabad

Conversation between me and Betu yesterday evening

Betu: Mumma dragonfly to hindi mein kya kahte hain? (What is dragonfly called in Hindi?)
Me: I don't know bachha.
Betu: To google karo na...usme sab mil jaata hai. (Google it. You find everything there.)

Yes, my smartypants :)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

You are such a pyaru jaan

You knew your Papa is not there to help you get ready today. You know that Mumma can't do much these days. And you did all your morning chores on your own. You got ready for school on your own.

I could not have asked for a child more adorable than you, my jaan. I feel so blessed. I love you so much,.

No words can describe what the feeling is. No words.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Going to be a big brother - 4

Little less than 3 months and you will be a big brother. And you have been waiting so eagerly for October to come.

I know I've said this million of times before and I say it again - You are such a sweetheart. The way you care for me, the way you talk to me..its just so touching and heartwarming.

You help me in cleaning the dining table after every meal. You take every one's plates and put them in the sink. You ensure no one disturbs me when I'm sleeping. You will talk in whispers with your papa unknowing of the fact that I can still hear you :)

There are days when you really act like a granny to me telling me what to do and what not to do. Other day I was talking to your papa about post baby stuff and in a very serious tone you told me to not get too exited about the baby. A little perplexed when I asked you why you said so, you told me earnestly that when the baby comes out it will be very painful and I would cry a lot. When I laughed hearing that you again remarked  that this is not a joke and I will realise when the baby comes out.

I just hugged you tight my jaan. I love you so much.

The "sleeping-in-your-own-bed" rendezvous has been going good. You sleep in it throughout however you want me close enough to be able to touch me. So for this purpose, we have put your bed at the foot of ours and I sleep with my head next to your bed. Its working good and I'm very proud of you. I realise its not easy for you to suddenly start sleeping separately when you had been sleeping snuggled with me for past 7 years.

You get amazed at the increasing size of my belly and ask in wonder how much more bigger is it going to get. And you roll your eyes when I show you approximately how big I will get. :)

You have already started making plans for me to lose weight once the baby comes out. And the plan is to play basketball with you and your papa and also to play football with you. And to start back my morning walks. I'm sure with such a strict health coach I will definitely lose this pregnancy weight soon.
You keep dangling between whether you want a brother or a sister but mostly you are inclined towards a brother. Your sole reason for wanting a brother is that you feel you will not be able to rough play with your sister. You will have to be gentle with her. You have even thought of the name for the baby in case its a boy and the name is "Arjun". When I asked you for name if its a girl, you told me that I may go ahead and decide that. Thanks for the permission baby :)

I love you my jaan.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Going to be a big brother - 3

You will be one adorable, caring and a very responsible big brother is what I am so sure of already.

We started putting a separate bed in our room and trying to get you sleep on it. You had your inhibitions and were fussy about it moving now. You were insistent that you will sleep on it once the baby arrives. However, we wanted you to start now. So you started sleeping there, on your separate bed but would be cross with us. And invariably in the early hours (around 2-3 AM) you would hop on to our bed and snuggle with me.

I'm OK with it as at least you have started sleeping in your own bed. We still have 4 months to go and am sure you will be comfy with your own bed by then. I've promised you your favourite character bedspread and your papa has promised you a toy of your choice once you completely move to your bed for 1 month.

You really enjoy feeling the baby's movements as they are quite strong now. And I love to see your wide eyed amused expression as you feel each kick and move. You sing rhymes and songs to make the baby sleep. You sing them so cutely like we usually do when talking to a small baby/kid and you keep giving kisses on my tummy.

Since the past week your Dadi-Dadu are visiting and your Anamika bua and your cousins also came over to stay with us for couple of days as summer holidays are on. It would touch me so much how you would get angry when you would see me moving around too much doing or doing house chores. You would ensure I either sit or go and lie down immediately.

You asked me yesterday if I can make burgers for you the coming weekend if I'm not too tired and feeling fine. Bachku..I really don't know how to thank God for giving such a lovely, adorable and pyaru bachha like you to me. I must have done some really really great deeds in my previous birth to have you as my son.

Its not that we don't get angry at each other. So many times we both sulk at each other. But then we both cannot stay apart or angry with each other for too long.

I once told you that you will always be my chhotu paaru baby however old you get. And you promptly said, "Nahi..October se main bada baby ho jayunga." (October onwards I will become big baby). I smiled and said but you will still remain a baby to which you nodded and cuddled with me tightly.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Getting too smart?

Other day Betu told me he will not have burgers for one month.

Being occupied with something, I simply responded a "Hmm..." As if reading my mind he said "I know what you mean by 'hmm'. You mean 'Let's see...'".

I was a little zapped and couldn't help smiling at his response. :)

~~ Keep Smiling! ~~
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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Going to be a big brother - 2

Hi bachha.

You have been very excited once I shared the news of having a baby in the house soon. You have so many questions to ask and are so concerned about me and my health.

Your papa was not sure if we should take you to our first ultrasound as at 6 weeks the baby looks like just a blob. He thought you might feel the baby would look like a baby even at this stage and might be a little disturbed seeing that its nothing like how you see the full grown babies. But I was somehow insistent and thought that you will understand. Before the ultrasound I had told you that we will not be able to make out anything. And asked you if you still want to go. You said a definite yes. After the ultrasound when we asked you about your reaction you didn't have anything specific to say. But we could see you were happy to be part of it all.

Many a times you started getting ready on your own saying how will you be a big boy unless you start doing things yourself. I can see that you are already imagining yourself in the shoes of a big brother. You understand that there may be a lot of things you will need to do on your own as mumma will be busy with the small baby. When did you mature up so much my pyaru?

Every night at bedtime, instead of hearing the usual stories, you want to hear baby stories. Since I am unable to think of baby stories till the baby arrives, I tell you what you used to do when you were a baby yourself. It excites you and you keep asking me if shona baby will also do the same things as you did. :)

You pick a random age month and ask me what you used to do that age. For e.g. you will ask me what I used to do when I was 8 months old or 1 year 3 months old, so on and so forth. There are some things I remember off hand for others I've to really think hard.

Your biggest concern initially was and I have a feeling it still is, is how will you stay without me when I have to go the hospital to deliver the baby. You ask me again and again how many days will you have to sleep without me. And I can see a sadness on your face when I say maybe 3-4 days. I can understand your concern but at the same time I'm sure you will manage fine. You are already my big bachha.

Love you meetha!