Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hey! Look! A monkey on the tree!

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Monday, January 28, 2008

Height of naughtiness...

...when deliberatley wearing two different socks on each foot, one of his own and other one of Mumma's.

And amidst giggles and chuckles telling Mumma of the deed himself and to top that asking Mumma to click a pic of his feet with 2 different pair of socks!
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Poster paint tattoos!

This is a pic of the two tattoos that he got made on both hands. He asked me to click them after getting them done at a birthday party yesterday.

Although he was particularly not happy with the character Pikachu (the yellow one on his right hand) since he wanted a Pokemon. Despite trying to tell him Pikachu is also a kind of a pokemon, he was still sulking.

I guess he had a certain Pokemon in mind but was not able to tell which one. But when other kids started 'WOWing' at it, he was happy! :)

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Such are the pleasures for the little heart!

Everytime I see Betu enjoying such little things that we never think of, I feel so happy, so contended and so thankful to God for giving me such an adorable sweet little child.

The pictures are from a birthday party just after the khoi bag(not sure what it is called) was thrown open for children to pick up stuff amongst the confetti and while all the other children were busy collecting pencils, erasers, sharpeners and chocolates etc, my sweet little son, like always, was busy collecting the confetti. :)

He was so amused with shiny, glittery and different shapes and sizes of confetti. He would pick them up and throw them up in the air. Since there was strong wind, the confetti was flying quite high in the air and was glimmering with the rays of sun! It actually looked beautiful to see sparkling things flying in the air. And he was so awed and so happy! :D

Could we adults ever think of trying to find such happiness, such pleasures from such things? I am sure the answer would be no, a big NO! We have become way too materialistic.

Time and again Betu teaches me how little little things are all around us which can make us happy but only if we want and try to see.

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Friday, January 25, 2008

All dressed for the Republic day celebrations at school!

Since Republic Day celebrations were to take place at Betu's school, I decided to dress him up in traditional outfit of Kurta-Pyajama. And luckily I had a new pair that his Bua had gotten for him recently. SO this was a good excuse for me to make him wear it :)

When he was all dressed up I think he looked like just a little Maharaja! More aptly a 'Kunwar Sa'ab" :D

Have a lookie...

The first picture is yet another example of diplomatic smile-for-the-camera smiles. Total fake one! :D

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Treasures from the pocket!

The diggings from the pocket today are: a thread reel which he has picked out from my sewing kit, a crushed up butter paper and a strip of drawing which has colorful elephants walking on water??

He has had this strange love for this thread reel since almost S year now. He just loves to info it and entangle things in it. There are times when that annoys me too much but otherwise I just let him.

As far as the drawing goes, I for sure know he hasn't made this drawing. When I asked him where he got it from, he told me that his Ma'm gave it to him. I prodded him more about it but he just kept repeating it. So I stopped asking him about it.

I have many a times seen that when I ask him about his pocket treasures, he gets a little possessive about them and keeps repeating "Yeh mera hai!" (this is mine). As if I am going to take them away. I have tried to tell him that they are yours but Mumma just wants to know. He still doesn't give me very coherent answers. So I have stopped asking now.

I guess I won't prod too much till I find anything that is valuable or wrong in his possession. Something that he shouldn't be carrying.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Treasures from the pocket!

These are what I found in his pocket today. It includes 4 pieces of play dough or clay and one black plastic thing. I don't know what it is but looks like a cover. I know it was from one of the paint sets that we had bought for him about 2 months ago. But I don't remember what exactly was the purpose of it.


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Friday, January 18, 2008

He never faults!

You bet! He never does!

Today morning when we were driving towards his school, I noticed that he had forgotten his cap. When I brought that to his notice, he ran his hand over his head and said "O-Oh!"

Then he proceeded to tell me "Aapne galti kari na?" (you did a mistake). I then told him that he should take care of his things. And should not forget like this. It was his cap and not Mumma's. So if its any body's fault, its his. And I told him that its not a fault but he should just remember his things. He said OK and I thought mater was closed. But again I thought too early.

He then told me very calmly that "aapkp mujhe yaad karana chahiye tha na, Betu, topi pahen lo!" "Isliye aapki galti huyee na?" (you should have reminded me that betu, wear your cap. So it was you who faulted, right?)

And I again was left with nothing to say. As always! Sigh...

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Treasures from the pockets!

This is the picture of the treasures discovered on Jan 13, 2008. There are 2 bits of orange paper, 1 bit of shimmery wrapping paper and 3 bits of black paper.

And as the title says, I discover them in the pockets of none other than Betu! :D

Every now and then betu comes home from school/daycare with tid bits in his pockets. And the kind of things that I discover are so just amazing. There is always such a variety.

So now I've decided that I will record these treasures from his pockets from now on.

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I am a Chyavanprash boy!

He just loves to eat Chyavanprash! After a big spoonful he asks for another but we have to say no. Frankly I am so glad that he likes it. What more can a parent ask from a child - to demand for good for health stuff! :)

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Anirudh Talks!!

Incident 1:
Anirudh is watching a DVD in one room and I'm sitting in another room. I call him and he replies back "Main busy hoon!" (I'm busy!)

He is busy with his crayons and sheet of paper making something which probably only he can tell what it is. I call him to have dinner and he replies back "Main busy hoon!" (I'm busy!)

*rolling my eyes*

Incident 2:
An hour ago, after picking him from the daycare, we stopped at the local grocer to buy milk. Betu demanded juice and I got him a 3-pack since I had to send one on 18th as they are all going for a picnic. As we sat down in the car and started to drive back home, he started to open it. Rest of the conversation, here it is :

Me: Don't open it Betu. Ghar par kholenge. (We will open it at home)

Betu: Fir gir jayega (It will fall down?)
Me : Hmm

Betu: Fir dirty ho jayega? (It will get dirty?)
Me : Hmm

Betu: Fir aur nahi milega? (I won't get another one then?)
Me: Hmm

Betu: Fir aap gussa karoge? (Will you get angry?)
Me: Hmm

Betu: Fir aap pitti karoge? (Will you punish me?)
Me: Hmm

Betu: Bahut zor se pitti karoge? (Will you punish me bad?)
Me: Nahi.. (no)

Betu: Fir aap naraaj ho jayoge? (Then you will get upset with me?)
Me: Hmm

Betu: Fir aap mujhe pyaari nahi karoge? (Then you will not cuddle me?)
Me: Karungi (I will do)

Betu: (Smiling & Giggling) I lub you Mumma!

*rolling my eyes*

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Sleep-on-your-own trysts!

Recently I've started asking Anirudh to sleep on his own although in our own bedroom and not in a separate room. And he just doesn't like the idea. Which is but obvious since he's always had me or hubby by his side when it was time to sleep. He would snuggle into us and doze off after a story or two.

So one day one excuse, another day another excuse keeps popping. One day he tried to emotionally blackmail me by saying his pet lines "Main udaas ho jayunga!" (I will get sad).

Yesterday was the most creative excuse came out. I frankly cannot call it just an excuse. It was something that scares him. And I was surprised at his vivid imagination. One may think at one point I'm talking about him being scared and at the same time I am talking about imagination? Whats got one to do with the another? Read on and it will be all so crispy clear! I will give a background before I proceed to tell the incident.

The background:
In our bedroom, I've a window in which we have an AC fitted towards the lower portion of the window. In Summers, I fold the curtain in half because we want the window covered but not the AC. The curtain belongs to the era when we didn't have an AC fitted there so its a long one.

And being the lazy me, instead of doing a temporary stitch I just pin it up using safety pins at three points - one each at the either ends and at the center to hold the fold.

Here's the picture of the curtain:

The incident:
Yesterday when I asked him to sleep on his own at night, he was making all sorts of his usual excuses - "Main udaas ho jayunga", "Mujhe aapki yaad aayegi" etc etc.

When I told him Mumma will come later after sometime, he started saying there is a monster there. When I told him there isn't, he points at the curtain on the window and says "Hai. Dekho uski eyes bhi hain!" (There is. See it has eyes also). And when I looked at the curtain I realised what he was talking about. Look at the picture above and you will also know what he meant.

See those curves where the light is coming through the curtain? They actually can be taken as big gigantic eyes by anyone who uses imagination and makes things out of nothing. I was speechless for a moment. I tired to tell him that there is no monster and even touched the curtain, moved my hand behind it. But I knew he was not satisfied. So I went ahead and unfolded the curtain. Something which I should have ideally done long ago when we stopped using the AC but being the lazy me, what more can I say :D

But I knew he won't be comfy even then and it might take a day or two for him to stop being scared of it. But I'm going to continue trying again from today onwards. He sleeps on his own at the daycare but at home, he is adamant about it. I know this will take some time but I know he will start doing it sooner than later.

He never faults!

Right now we are sitting at Betu's homeopath. As we were waiting, Betu asked me if I have got the doctors paper. He meant the prescription. :)

When I told him that I have it in my bag, he wanted to hold it. And I gave it to him without a second thought.

He kept unfolding and folding it and a little while later he tore it a little during all this. When I told him that doctor uncle will now scold him he became ast with the most upset looking expression with head drooping down a little. And I was thinking that he has understood that he has done something wrong and is feeling sorry.

But I was so wrong! A minute later he tells me "Doctor uncle aapko daantenge" (doctor uncle wll scold you). When I asked him why, he tells me "Aapne mujhe paper diya tha na, isliye aapki galti hai" (Since you gave me the paper, its your fault) "Aapko paper nahi dena chahiye tha na mujhe" (you shouldn't have given me the paper).

Rolling my eyes...

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

He is so adorable!

I know I have said this zillion times before but I can't resist saying it again and again when he does or says something such as what I'm going to write now.

This happened about an hour ago. I was having dinner at the dining table and he comes up to me with his hands behind his back, held together and with a very straight face says "Mujhe aap se kuchh baat karni hai" (I want to talk to you about something) I was so dumbstruck and almost froze hearing him say that.
With the morsel still in my hand which I was about to eat, I said, "Bolo!" (Tell me)

And then we had little bit of our conversation and only when he was satisfied with my answer that he said "OK". So I asked him "Aapko aur kuchh baat bhi karni hai?" (Do you have any other thing that you want to talk about?)

He very plainly replied, "Nahi. Bas yahi baat karni thi." (No, this was the only thing)

He has suddenly started talking in such a matured way that it leaves me with mixed feelings. It makes me happy that he is growing up and sad that my little baby is not so little anymore. I guess we mothers are made like that :)

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His portrait!

Anirudh loves to keep drawing something or the other or just simply writing the alphabet. And when he is in a mood to write the letters from the alphabet, he will not follow the sequence. He will write them out in random order. And sometimes he has filled up the entire A4 sheet of paper with just the alphabet. And then it looks nothing less than the inscriptions of hieroglyphics from the stone ages :)

Here is the drawing which he first called as 'A baby" and then later as "Meri picture" (Self portrait) after he was done :)

Whatever it is, whether a baby or his own portrait I found it cute enough to put it up here!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The tales of the hair!

Yes hair and not hare : )

He is right now standing in front of the mirror and combing his hair. He ruffled them up after I had combed them saying "Yeh achha nahi hai" (This is not good).

And just now he came to me asking "Yeh achha lag raha hai na?"(This is looking good, right?) and when I said "Nahi" (No) he, in a very matter-of-fact tone, told me "Aap galat bol rahe ho" (you are saying it wrong which basically meant he wanted me to answer in yes).

Then he asked his papa and when hubby answered "yes" he turns to me and says "Dekha Papa ne theek bola hai" (see, papa said the right thing). So basically he wants us to say 'yes' when he expects a 'yes' :D

In fact on Sunday when I was giving his hair a trim, when I was done he asked me "Main cute lag raha hoon?" (am I looking cute?) hehehe

I wonder how he is going to behave when he grows up and is in his teens. He already is so particular about his looks.

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Monday, January 7, 2008

Trying to be a wrestler!

As I am writing this he is trying to pick me up and at the same time saying "Yeh bachhi to bahut bhaari hai!" (this girlis very heavy!)

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Sunday, January 6, 2008

He is so smart!

After watching the movie "Taare Zameen Par" we went to pizza hut for dinner.

Anirudh was really being naughty and was testing my patience. So once I showed my hand to him saying he will get one big pitti if he doesn't behave. And can you imagine what he did? He started giving puchhas to on my hand and then gave me one too many on my cheeks.

After this who can remain angry? He really knows how to handle people good!

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Saturday, January 5, 2008

A small kid?? Who me??

Incident 1
I was egging him to get ready quick as we had to to go out. He asked me where? I told him first we need to go to doc and then pick up Yashu Bua and then go for the movie.

He: Mere doctor ke paas jana hai?
Me: Nahi. Mere

He: Kyun? Aapki tabiyat theek nahi hai?
Me: Theek hai. Mujhe kuchh baat karni hai.

He: Kya baat karni hai?

I was rolling my eyes thinking now he wants to know everything. But I was also touched by his concern when I told him I have to go to doc. :D


Incident 2
After taking bath as I came into the room, since my feet were still wet I slipped and hurt myself and my right foot toes slammed against the bed post. It hurt quite bad more because of cold weather I guess and I was in tears.

Betu came running to me and after hugging me and giving me "it will be fine soon" kisses I got a big big lecture from him about how to be careful. :)

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Precious moments with great grandparents (Paternal)

I am not writing anthing further since I feel the pictures say it all! :D

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Thursday, January 3, 2008


On our recent trip he saw couple of trailers which were transporting cars and motorbikes. He was quite amused seeing so many cars atop a 'itna bada truck!!" (such a big truck) in his words :)

And yesterday, using his blocks, he made his own version of it:

Interesting, isn't it? :D

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Modern day Maakhan Chor!

10 mins ago I caught him climbing up on the kitchen slab and taking a packet of chocolate chip cookies from the cupboard. Here are the proofs:

Taking out the packet of cookies!

Got it!

Time to escape now!

Mission Accomplished!

He didn't see me till he turned towards the door and squealed when he did! It was such a mixed expression on his face. He was laughing but also a little shocked that I had caught him!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Fun on the trip!

Waiting (at 1 AM) at Badi Chaupar, Jaipur for Dadu-Dadi to pick us up!

Meri lath se bach kar rahna!

Standing tall!

Sulking (as he wanted to go for a boat ride)

Here comes the Maharaja!

Being Naughty!!