Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Going to be a big brother - 4

Little less than 3 months and you will be a big brother. And you have been waiting so eagerly for October to come.

I know I've said this million of times before and I say it again - You are such a sweetheart. The way you care for me, the way you talk to me..its just so touching and heartwarming.

You help me in cleaning the dining table after every meal. You take every one's plates and put them in the sink. You ensure no one disturbs me when I'm sleeping. You will talk in whispers with your papa unknowing of the fact that I can still hear you :)

There are days when you really act like a granny to me telling me what to do and what not to do. Other day I was talking to your papa about post baby stuff and in a very serious tone you told me to not get too exited about the baby. A little perplexed when I asked you why you said so, you told me earnestly that when the baby comes out it will be very painful and I would cry a lot. When I laughed hearing that you again remarked  that this is not a joke and I will realise when the baby comes out.

I just hugged you tight my jaan. I love you so much.

The "sleeping-in-your-own-bed" rendezvous has been going good. You sleep in it throughout however you want me close enough to be able to touch me. So for this purpose, we have put your bed at the foot of ours and I sleep with my head next to your bed. Its working good and I'm very proud of you. I realise its not easy for you to suddenly start sleeping separately when you had been sleeping snuggled with me for past 7 years.

You get amazed at the increasing size of my belly and ask in wonder how much more bigger is it going to get. And you roll your eyes when I show you approximately how big I will get. :)

You have already started making plans for me to lose weight once the baby comes out. And the plan is to play basketball with you and your papa and also to play football with you. And to start back my morning walks. I'm sure with such a strict health coach I will definitely lose this pregnancy weight soon.
You keep dangling between whether you want a brother or a sister but mostly you are inclined towards a brother. Your sole reason for wanting a brother is that you feel you will not be able to rough play with your sister. You will have to be gentle with her. You have even thought of the name for the baby in case its a boy and the name is "Arjun". When I asked you for name if its a girl, you told me that I may go ahead and decide that. Thanks for the permission baby :)

I love you my jaan.