Thursday, April 23, 2009

Question for which I've no answer...

Betu and me were doing numbers and I was asking him questions randomly.

Me: What is 2 and 5?
Betu: Twenty five

Me: What is 4 and 1?
Betu: Forty one

Me: What is 3 and 6?
Betu: Thirty six

Me: What is 5 and 0?
Betu: Fifty Zero

Me: Huh?
Betu: *grins and giggles* Fifty

Betu: Par agar 5 and 1 Fifty one hota hai, to 5 and 0 Fifty zero kyun nahi hota?

Me: *looks blankly and quickly changes topic - as usual*

Anybody, any answers?

Friday, April 10, 2009

On his first ever holiday without Mumma-Papa

Betu has gone on a 5 day holiday trip to meet his cousins along with his Dadi-Dadu. Its been 2 days since he has been gone and from what I know after my calls to his Dadi-Dadu and Bua, he is having lot of fun. He is being such a brat and not even coming on to the phone to talk to me when I call up.

It makes me sad and happy at the same time. Sad because it shows he is not missing me and having lots of fun. And happy because he is not missing me and having lots of fun. Yeah..we mums are crazy like that *wink*

Have lots of fun Betu. Mumma is eagerly waiting to see you on Monday night. Love you lots jaanu. Muaaaaahhh...

Friday, April 3, 2009

There has to be some excitement in life..right?

Now that the stitches have come off from the cut in the forehead from last week, life had become kind of boring so Betu decided to make it exciting by swallowing a Re 1 coin today afternoon.

We called up the doc and he said not to worry if Betu is not feeling any discomfort. And that it should come out in 2-3 days in the poop. We asked him if scan is required or not. He asked us to come and show him if we want to. So off we went.

As we entered the room, I told the doc that Betu just has to see you once a week and we both laughed. Then he proceeded to have one on one with Betu:

Doc: What did you have?
Betu: Coin *giggles*

Doc: What denomination?
Betu: 1 re *grins wide*

Doc: How was the taste? Was it nice?
Betu: Meetha tha *again giggles* (it was sweet)

Me: *rolling my eyes*

Doc: How old are you?
Betu: 5 years *still grinning ear to ear*

Doc: If you had been 2-3 yrs old I can still imagine. I didn't expect this from you at this age.
Betu: *keeps looking at the doc with the widest grin plastered on his face*

Me: Itne saalon se maine isko bacha kar rakha tha jab yeh chhota tha, par ab ho hi gaya.
Doc: tabki kasar ab poori kar raha hai :)

And then he proceeded to check betu. After he was done he turned to us and explained where all are the possibilities of the coin getting stuck and in which of those areas it gets a little dangerous and how they take it out from there. After examining thoroughly he asked us to give him soft diet so that no constipation happens and prescribed isabgol to be given at night along with a very mild laxative to keep the stools soft.

So now its a wait and watch game for us. It might take 2-3 days for it to pop-out and till then he will be called as a "living piggybank" as Itchy called him when I was talking to her about this incident :)