Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Anirudh talks!

Incident 1:
Few days ago DH was saying something to me and since my mind was preoccupied with something I didn't respond back. Betu walks up to me and says in a angry inquisitive tone "Papa aapse bol rahe hain. Aap unse baat kyun nahi kar rahe?" (Papa is saying something to you. Why are you not talking to him?) And when I looked at him and said "Sorry beta, maine nahi suna." (Sorry, I didn't hear) he goes' Papa aapse bol rahe hain. Aap unki baat suno" (Papa is saying something to you. You listen to him) And I had no choice but to nod my head like an obedient child.

Incident 2:
Yesterday Betu was busy drawing something on the paper. And as I turned to look at him I felt a sudden urge to hug him and give him nice squeeze. So as I hugged him he irritatedly tells me "Aap mujhe hila kyun rahe h0? Main square bana raha hoon" (Why are you disturbing me. I'm making a square) I had to just plainly tell him 'sorry' and hold back my emotions. Poor me.

Dadu - Dadi and Betu!

Anirudh adores his grandparents completely. I guess any grandchild will do the way they shower their love on him.

And he used to take full advantage of it and twist them around to his whims and fancies and they would agree to whatever he wanted (mostly unless it was really wrong). If Dadu is watching some news channel and Betu comes in saying "Ab mera TV time hai!", Dadu would promptly change the channel to his cartoon channel. If Betu demanded that they play with him, they would. So whatever was the demand of Betu it would be fulfilled. Betu had such a great time in the 9-10 days that his Dadu-Dadi were here.

When it was time for them to go, a day before I started telling him that Dadu-Dadi will go back to Jaipur tomorrow. But he would have nothing of that and will say he will also go with them. The morning they were to leave, again we tried to tell him that they have to go and he can't go. So out comes such an innocent yet so strong a comment from him "Woh chhote bachhe ko chhod kar kaise jayenge!" (How can they go leaving a small child behind?) :D

We all were so dumbstruck at his wittiness. Finally when we were in the car and we had to drop him at his school first, we told him "Dadu Dadi kaam se jaa rahein hain". And that did the trick and he said "Office ja rahe ho?Kaam karke aa jayoge?" Sadly but Dadu-Dadi had to lie and say yes that they will come back.

In the evening, when he didn't find Dadu-Dadi at home, he said in such a matter of factly manner "Dadu-Dadi kaam se gaye hain Jaipur? Hum bhi jayenge thode din mein?" And I just smiled and said yes.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

What's in a name!!

The other day I took Anirudh to the park in our residential society. He took along his flying disc. For a whole we both played on together. Soon he spotted 2 little girls watching intently and interestingly at our game.

So I asked them if they would like to join us. At first they both said no feeling a bit shy. So I again asked them to join us saying "Mazaa aayega. Aayo khelo." (It will be fun. Come, join us.) One of them decided to play along and joined us. It took less than one minute for the other one to also come in the group and to start playing together.

After playing for less than 2 minutes I had to say something to one of those girls but since I didn't know their names, I was about to ask them. But before I could, I heard Anirudh calling out 'Dost! Aise nahi karte! Aise karte hain!" (Friend, don't do like this. Do it this way) Basically the girl was not throwing the disc properly and Anirudh was telling her how to.

But I was amazed how he just didn't feel the need to know their names. Calling them 'dost' (pal/friend) was good enough for him. And I just smiled at him.

And then it made me think its us adults who hold a curtain of inhibitions in making friends easily, talking to them, the need to know the names. And that we should learn this trait back from kids. Yes, learn it back. A trait that we lost somewhere, somehow on the road to adulthood.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Having a gala time!

Betu's Dadi-Dadu are here and he's having the most wonderful time he could have ever wanted. With so much pampering going around, we sure are going to have a tough time when they will have to leave. He knows he has got a weapon that has given him powers to use on us-parents and twist us around his fingers even more easily than before. We scold him and a prompt response will come from him "Dadu aapki pitti karenge!" (Granpa will give you a good one).

And sometimes he will even threaten to leave us and leave with Dadu-Dadi to Jaipur :D

Every morning and evenings he goes along with them for the walks. He will take along a bat-ball or a flying disc or a soccer ball and have a good time with them in the park.

When we saw him so having fun with them we thought Alas some us-time for me and DH!" But I guess we said it too soon! When its sleep time, it has to be with Mumma or Papa!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

He is a big boy now!

Every now and then something happens or something that I see make me realise that he's a big boy now. And today was such day. When so many things that I saw enforced this thought in me even more.

When I went to pick him up from his daycare early today, they all were having snacks. The daycare supervisor has a 1 yr 10 m young baby girl who she brings along with her to the daycare. The supervisor used to tell me that Radhika, her daughter would want to eat anything from Anirudh's hands. I thought once a while it might have happened. But today she refused to take a bite from anyone else but from Anirudh. So every time her earlier morsel would have finished, she would come to him with her mouth open saying "Bahi" (Bhai / Brother). Since Anirudh was playing with his other friends it sure acted as a pause in his activities but never even once he got irritated or showed that he's not interested in feeding her anymore. And I just sat there and smiled.

Then when all had eaten the snacks they all came outside to play. The boys took out the tricycles which were made in the shape of a scooter and the little girls started to play on the slide. Soon I saw Anirudh calling out to another girl Tia who is soon going to be 2 yrs young. Anirudh had slid up towards the front of the seat and made space behind him like a pillion and was calling Tia to sit behind him. She promptly came running although hopping would be a better word for her spring like walk :D and sat all happy and smiling on the pillion seat! And Anirudh gave her a little ride on her scooter pedaling hard. Hard because I could see he was making a lot of effort to make it move with the weight of both. How I wished there was a camera and I could have clicked this moment. It was such a sweet moment.

I feel so happy to see such a loving and caring child and my heart swelled with pride!

He's such a funny boy!

Incident 1:
Yesterday morning when Anirudh woke up he came to me in the living room where I was sitting and cuddled in my lap. Suddenly he picked up his head and asked "Light nahi aa rahi?" I said "Aa rahi hai!" He goes "Fir light(tube light) se ghooooon ki awaaz kyun aa rahi hai?"
(Since our inverter is not the digital kinds, whenever we switch on tube lights when there is no electricity and they are running on the inverter, they make this humming kind of a sound)

I had such a laugh at his observation!

Incident 2:
At dinner time, Anirudh was busy playing with some of his toys. So when I had served him and still he had not come despite calling him a numerous times, I said "Anirudh, fatafat aa jayo."

He didn't respond, so I raised my voice slightly and again said "Anirudh, fatafat!"

To which he responded "Hanji! Main fata fata aa raha hoon!"

(To those who may probably not be so easy with hindi 'fatafat' means 'to hurry up' and 'fata' means 'torn up' used with paper or cloth mainly)

Friday, October 12, 2007

Time to celebrate..

And to celebrate not one but two things. The first one being that Anirudh won us a meal for two at Machan, Taj Mahal Hotel. Yay!

You may remember that on Oct 6, 2007 he had a fancy dress show at his play school. They had a raffle also along with it. But the draw was to be taken out yesterday i.e Oct 11, 2007. So when I had bought the raffle ticket, I wrote it out in Anirudh's name. And I completely forgot about the draw. But yesterday when I went to pick him up from the daycare, I got this lovely surprise!

As I was telling about this news to his Dadi, she said "Dekho Betu abhi kamata bhi nahi hai aur abhi se 5-Star mein dinner par le ja raha hai!" (Betu doesn't earn yet and he's taking you out for dinner already at a 5-Star!) :D

Although this was the 3rd prize I'm really glad we didn't win the 1st prize! Yes..its true. The first prize was a free stay for 2 nights for a couple at Taj hotel in Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh. And that would mean planning a holiday trip with other expenses involved. For a person who would have been thinking of a trip to go to, it might be the perfect prize but not for us! :D

And the second reason for celebration, but that reason is only for me, because I realised that this is the 100th post on this blog! A 100th! Its a 'Wow!' thing for me!

So double celebrations! Yipee!!

A dose a day...

With each passing day Anirudh is getting bossier and bossier. And we, the parents, meekly hang our heads when he scolds us which has become quite a regular feature now. Its almost come to the frequency of a dose a day from him to us! Usually these doses are sent our way towards the end of the day i.e. the evenings but today we got a good one right in the morning at 7:30 AM. :)

Hubby and I were discussing something and we didn't realise when we moved from talking normally to talking a bit louder. I was in the Kitchen and Hubby was in the lobby adjoining the kitchen. Betu I think was in the living room. Suddenly I hear him shouting "Papa!" gives a tight little pat on DH's arm saying "Naughty boy!". Imagine him saying with a really angry tone. Once done with his Papa, he comes to me and shows me his finger and goes "Mumma! naughty girl!" with the same tone. I tried to tell him Papa-Mumma were not fighting but were just talking loudly. But he just wouldn't listen to anything and said "No shouting!".

Hubby and me looked at each other and smiled. So I said "Sorry Betu! We will not talk like this." Then he looked at hubby waiting for the same response leaving Hubby with no choice. I called him for a hug then. He came running to me, gave me a nice tight hug and also gave one peck on the cheek. Then he went to his Papa and gave one to him too. Since I usually tell him to give me on both my cheeks saying "Doosra gallu (gaal, cheek) royega" when he gives me a kiss on just one cheek, he knew I would say that today also. But before I could do that he goes "Dono ne galat baat kari na, isliye ek hi puchha (kiss) milega!" and went away to the living room to continue doing whatever he was doing.

Me and DH both were so amazed at his statements and had a hearty laugh too! We just love him for these little little antics of his. How he reacts and acts in situations makes us so happy and proud! We love you Betu!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Permanent Kebab mein haddi!

Remember this nickname that was bestowed upon Anirudh by his dear Daddy? So why and what am I writing about this nickname?

About 10 minutes ago, DH came to me and started to cuddle. We were in the bedroom but hadn't closed the door or drawn the door curtains. Betu was sitting in the living room and he could see us. The moment he saw DH cuddling with me, he goes "Papa! Aap mumma ko pareshaan kyun kar rahe ho?"

And we both laughed hard and as usual DH said "Permanent kebab mein haddi!"

Humka, Humki, Humke...

No, these are neither code words nor are they words from some tribal language :) These are the words that Anirudh uses and which are supposed to mean "Humara, Humari, Humare" respectively! :D

I've taught him the right words and he has learnt them as well but Humka, Humki and Humke come to him first. Probably because he learnt these words first. So how he uses them in sentences is -

Yeh humka ghar hai? (Correct - Yeh hamara ghar hai?)
Yeh humki car hai? (Correct - Yeh hamari car hai?)
Woh humke ghar chalega? (Correct - Woh hamare ghar chalega?)

I'm sure you would have gotten the drift now :)

It sure makes us laugh and I wonder where he picked these twisted distorted versions from. But then as a habit I always try and correct him. So whenever he uses these wrong words I just have to say "What??" and he will slowly say it again with the correct usage.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

He thinks and talks too much!

The following incidents will tell you what I mean by the title of the post

Incident 1
I was playing with him with a Frisbee today evening. And sometimes it would go towards the either sides of him..a bit far for him to catch it. And he would get so irked up because of this that he would angrily point at the place where the Frisbee fell and ask "Main udhar hoon?" :D

I tried to reason with him saying he has to move from his place depending on where the Frisbee is going and not just keep standing at one place but sorry, none of it worked. For him the reasoning was if he's not standing there why am I throwing it there? :D


Incident 2
Although we all usually eat dinner together but today I fed him his dinner early. As we were having ours he was getting bored. So he brought his Rhymes book and pulled a chair on the dining table and sat next to me to sing the rhymes for him. I sang a few and then I started saying "Mujhe nahi aata yeh!" just so that I can have my dinner in peace. So he got up from the chair saying "Papa sunayenge." Since DH was also having dinner, I said "Nahi papa bhi khana kha rahe hain na? Aap apne aap rhymes ga lo." And he didn't even take one second to say "Papa haath se thode hi rhymes sunayenge. Woh to muh se sunayenge." Believe me these were his exact words. I was flabbergasted and speechless!

Contuper or a computer?

Whenever Anirudh speaks in a hurry he will always call a computer as "Contuper" :D And the moment he calls it a "Contuper", I say "What?" and he will say the word slowly and correctly as "Com-pu-ter"! So basically he fumbles with the pronunciation when he says it too fast and which happens too often.

But somehow I just can't laughing at this word that he has coined :D

And there are times when he just pretends to not hear what I'm saying. So if I will say anything he will go "Kya?". I will say it again and he will repeat "Kya?" and the third time when I will repeat it, he will cup his hands near his ears and say "Mujhe sunayee nahi de raha! Kya?" and I'm ready to run after him to give a nice little spanking!

First couple of times when he tried to play this trick on me he succeeded well enough. But lately I've figured out when he's playing a trick on me :)

Monday, October 8, 2007

Anirudh as Krrish!

Anirudh was so excited from the day before his Fancy Dress at his play school that he wanted to sleep with the mask next to his pillow.

I had a tough time arranging for his attire and finally had to make everything at home. So first a mask was made at home from a black sheet of paper. Then the search started to what to make as his cloak. So a black Georgette dupatta was searched for and a rope to tie it as a flowing cloak. I couldn't get any black jacket so we carried on with the red t-shirt that I had home.

So even after practicing and showing us the steps that he was supposed to do on the song 'Dil na diya..", he got so excited just being on the stage that he just kept hopping up and down all the time!!

So here are the pics of our very own Krrish!

This is the pic of a girl dressed as a tribal and I think she looked simply adorable!!

All the kids looked so adorable in their attires/dresses. And I didn't see even one repetition of the character in this batch. From Sachin Tendulkar to Hanuman, from Panditji to Spiderman, from Rahul Gandhi to the tricolor flag. Must say the Hanuman looked super cute wearing just a skimpy lungi and carrying the armour. He was a cute little plump boy and he looked just adorable as Hanuman.

And what I really liked was that the school didn't have any competition as such for the fancy dress. They gave a token of appreciation to all the participants. It surely makes sense looking at the age group of children. None of them were older than 4 years. Anirudh got a coloring book and a story book. They had different things depending on the age of the child which again was a neat idea!

Friday, October 5, 2007

His love for dance!

Every now and then Anirudh lets us know how much he loves dancing. I guess he's inherited this love from me. And today again he showed how much he really enjoys it.

As we all sat watching Jhalak Dikhla Jaa on Sony today, he watched it for sometime very keenly along with us. After a while he pulled me from the sofa as he wanted me to dance with him. So we both danced (shall I say hopped together like happy frogs? :D ) And in between he kept trying to imitate the steps the participants were doing. The best and the funniest part was when he wanted me to do the lifts with him just the way the male dancer was doing with his partner.

Since I was not able to do it exactly like them (but of course!) I got scoldings from him, "Aise nahi karte. Unko dekho (pointing at the TV). Theek se karo."

"Badhiya ho gaya na?"

Anirudh has a fancy dress show on Oct 6, 2007 at his school. After thinking for a long time I couldn't think of anything interesting which would be easy too as far as the dress goes. Plus I just didn't want him to walk on the stage and come down without doing anything.

And then the idea of dressing him up as 'Krissh' and dancing for a minute to the 'Dil na diya..' from the same movie. He just loves this song and asks us to play it over and over again when we are in the car. So I felt it would be a good idea.

So I got the cassette and his daycare teacher is teaching him and another boy of his class the same song and they will perform it together on the stage. Its just been 3 days since he started learning the steps and he is enjoying it very much.

So yesterday after I picked him up in the evening from the daycare, I was asking him what steps is he going to do in the song. So he is telling me all the steps saying "Pahle rolly karenge, fir aise karenge(showing me by action), fir aise karenge, fir legs aise karenge.." and he ended the description of the steps with a question "Badhiya ho gaya na?" :D

I was kind of amazed to hear him say the word 'badhiya' as in my conscious memory this was the first time I heard him say it. Somehow it kind if indicates me that he's growing into a big boy day by day! Sigh....

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Fun time with cousins!

Anirudh had a simply marvelous time when he got to spend lots of time with his cousins at Dehradun during our recent trip from Sep 29 - Oct 2, 2007.

So during all these 4 days he had a blast. Being the youngest of the lot, he loved the attention he got and left no opportunity to even boss them around. And both his cousins who adore him to bits, did whatever he loved. Giving him whatever he wanted, doing whatever he wanted and letting him do whatever he wanted with their toys.

Although the number of fights that ensued between Anirudh and Pallav (the younger cousin) were no less since the age difference between them is little less than 2 years. They both wanted the same things at the same time, wanted to play with the same toys and just copy whatever the other was doing. So Prakhar being the elder brother would mediate and sort things out and console both of them to the best possible extent he could. It was really fun watching them all together.

Here are some pictures of the three brothers having fun!