Friday, October 5, 2007

"Badhiya ho gaya na?"

Anirudh has a fancy dress show on Oct 6, 2007 at his school. After thinking for a long time I couldn't think of anything interesting which would be easy too as far as the dress goes. Plus I just didn't want him to walk on the stage and come down without doing anything.

And then the idea of dressing him up as 'Krissh' and dancing for a minute to the 'Dil na diya..' from the same movie. He just loves this song and asks us to play it over and over again when we are in the car. So I felt it would be a good idea.

So I got the cassette and his daycare teacher is teaching him and another boy of his class the same song and they will perform it together on the stage. Its just been 3 days since he started learning the steps and he is enjoying it very much.

So yesterday after I picked him up in the evening from the daycare, I was asking him what steps is he going to do in the song. So he is telling me all the steps saying "Pahle rolly karenge, fir aise karenge(showing me by action), fir aise karenge, fir legs aise karenge.." and he ended the description of the steps with a question "Badhiya ho gaya na?" :D

I was kind of amazed to hear him say the word 'badhiya' as in my conscious memory this was the first time I heard him say it. Somehow it kind if indicates me that he's growing into a big boy day by day! Sigh....


Itchingtowrite said...

so very bihari-ish word!! i love it when anyopne wuses such words

Stone said...

banda yeh bindaas hai.....banda yeh bindaas hai :-)