Sunday, September 13, 2009

Scared of white hair or scared of aging?

Betu saw some white hair in hubby's hair and in a shocking tone said "aapke kitne saare baal white hain!". Then he peered at mine and found some there too and repeated the same line to me as well. And then very proudly announced that he has black hair and he will never have white hair.

I tried to tell him that everyones hair gets white. It just depends how soon or how late they go white.

Pondering over it he asked me "Kya mere baal bhi white ho jayenge?"

I said yes and further added that if he eats healthy food and does Pranayam his hair will stay black for longer time.

Immediately he started doing Pranayms and all kinds of excercises and after 15 mins declared now his hair will stay black for very long time.

I couldn't help laughing at his reaction. The scare of aging has started early with him. Or is it just that he doesn't like white hair?

~~ Keep Smiling! ~~
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