Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Craft activities

Till date whenever Anirudh goes to any birthday party, when the khoi bag is broken, he would still collect more of the confetti than the goodies. And so it happened too when we went for a birthday party this Sunday. He had collected plenty of colored thermocol balls this time and was asking me to do some craft with them. When I asked him for examples, he told me lets make a tree. But then we didn't have many green colored ones so then he suggested to make some flowers. And this is what we made using those thermocol balls and some paper cut-outs.

Betu and me both liked the output from this craft activity and now we are planning to buy a packet of these balls and made more things. Betu wants to make a rainbow, a butterfly, a house and so many more things using these thermocol balls.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summer holiday homework - Part 2

We made this brown paper bag pillow yesterday.

First we decorated the paper bag with cutouts of flowers and butterflies which were colored by Anirudh and then cut to shape by me. Anirudh wanted some star shapes also so I took the easy way out and asked him to use his star shaped stickers. Lazy mumma ehh? :)

Then Anirudh made some crushed newspaper balls and we stuffed them inside the paper bag. Lastly we sealed the paper bag from the open end as well and voila..a beautiful paper pillow was ready!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer holiday homework - Part 1

One part of the craft work that we did from his holiday homework crafts last weekend:

We still have to make a Hippo (or was it a Rhino?) and a duck pond. Hopefully this weekend we should be done with it.

Looking at the output, Betu is now excited to do rest of the one quickly too! What else do I want :D

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

There's no problem!

These days whenever I'm stuck and wonder how to go ahead in doing a certain task, Anirudh suggests what we can do and ends it with "There's no problem!" :)

For example, yesterday night I was telling hubby that we don't have any milk at home even for tea in the morning. So Betu said "Koi baat nahi Mumma. Main aur papa subah ja kar doodh le aayenge. There's no problem!" (Me and papa will go in the morning and buy the milk.)

Other day, he was asking me to bake his favourite chocolate cake for him and when I said there are no eggs at home, he said "Hum abhi ja kar le aate hain shop se. There's no problem!" (We shall go and get it from the shop now.)

So you can see how he is my little problem solver. Love you my jaan!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Betu is really excited today because its his papa's birthday. He is planning a lot of things. We will do this...and that. We will go and buy this...etc etc. So basically he is in a vary happy mood.

So on our way to work and his daycare, he says to me and hubby both, "Achha hua aapne apni fight kal hi kar li (me and hubby had a big tiff yesterday). Aaj sab khush khush rahenge aur masti karenge". Me and hubby looked at each other and just smiled.