Thursday, February 12, 2009

Drawing Sea Animals

I found this drawing in Betu's school bag yesterday evening. When I said "Betu. Wow. Yeh to bahut achha banaya hai.", he started to tell me in detail as to what all he had drawn very enthusiastically.

On the top, the pink one is a jellyfish, the green one is an octopus and the blue one is a crab.

He then pointed to the yellow colored sword fish in the blue water and said "Woh bahut daynjrus hoti hai." :D

And the brown one below the swordfish is a star fish.

Well done Betu. It looks very pretty.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

His first letter

After a visit to the post office in December 2008 from school, Betu was quite upbeat about writing a letter and posting it in the letterbox. But slowly over the time he forgot it. He would talk about it once in a while and we lazy parents didn't do anything about it. A week ago, when we saw a new letterbox being installed just next to our society entrance, we decided that we should stop being such lazy parents and help him write a letter and also to post it.

Today we finally managed to do it. He wrote a letter to his Dadi-Dadu and then I put a stamp on the envelope and wrote the address. Off he went with his papa to drop it in the letter box on the way to school.

I forgot to click a pic before sealing the envelope but this is what he wrote:
Since he is not very comfortable with lower case letters, he wrote it all in uppercase. I was telling him the spellings and he kept writing them down. But for his name, I didn't have to spell it out. He knows how to spell his name just perfectly.

Now I'm just waiting to see the excitement of Betu when his Dadi-Dadu will call up to talk to him when they receive the letter.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Goat says...

I'm sure all of you would have already read about the whole goat mask making exercise and the activity at his school.

So when I asked him what did he say when his turn came.

"Thank you teachers.
Thank you children.
I'm a Goat.
I say woof-woof.
I give milk"

Me : Goat says what??
Betu: Woof woof

Me: *slapping my forehead* woh to Dog bolta hai. Goat kya bolti hai?
Betu: After thinking for a few seconds "baaa"

Me: Fir aapne woof woof kyun bola?
Betu: *looks blankly at me*

Me: Fir Ma'm ne kya bola?
Betu: Sab hasne lage

Me: *in a disappointed voice* koi time theek se bolna

And I left it at that. I know I should have at least praised him for speaking up in front of all but I was quite disappointed. He was saying it so well at home.

Today he had to go and say these lines as a part of a small skit "I've never see an Elephant which is blue in color".

So over the weekend I practiced it with him. But he rehearsed these lines with a lot of reluctance. Every now and then he would say "Par maine to blue elephant dekha hai. Dumbo!! cartoon network mein aata hai." :D

Now I wonder what will he say during the skit. Will he be able to say the lines properly or will he add these lines of seeing a blue elephant? :D