Monday, February 2, 2009

Goat says...

I'm sure all of you would have already read about the whole goat mask making exercise and the activity at his school.

So when I asked him what did he say when his turn came.

"Thank you teachers.
Thank you children.
I'm a Goat.
I say woof-woof.
I give milk"

Me : Goat says what??
Betu: Woof woof

Me: *slapping my forehead* woh to Dog bolta hai. Goat kya bolti hai?
Betu: After thinking for a few seconds "baaa"

Me: Fir aapne woof woof kyun bola?
Betu: *looks blankly at me*

Me: Fir Ma'm ne kya bola?
Betu: Sab hasne lage

Me: *in a disappointed voice* koi time theek se bolna

And I left it at that. I know I should have at least praised him for speaking up in front of all but I was quite disappointed. He was saying it so well at home.

Today he had to go and say these lines as a part of a small skit "I've never see an Elephant which is blue in color".

So over the weekend I practiced it with him. But he rehearsed these lines with a lot of reluctance. Every now and then he would say "Par maine to blue elephant dekha hai. Dumbo!! cartoon network mein aata hai." :D

Now I wonder what will he say during the skit. Will he be able to say the lines properly or will he add these lines of seeing a blue elephant? :D


Mama - Mia said...

its okie! if as adults we are prone to stage fright, can happen to kids too! :)

am syre he will rock with the blue elephant!



Monika,Ansh said...

Oh dont worry. Either way, he would have done well.
You can't beat the logic of kids these days, nahin?

Monika said...

sahi hai tou voh behcara... usne blue elephant dhekha hai ;-)

Emaan said...

verrry funny ! ha ha ha...
wat do elephants say ?

Subhashree said...

Lol. It is ok, only kids can make cute goof-ups like these. At this age, everything is cute and enjoyable. So chill!

Swati said...

But why can't the goat says woof woof ? If anirudh can become a goat , goat can say woof woof too :P

Ruchika said...

Good logic by Swati. Well, give him lots of love. I think it's great that he gets to participate in such activities.

brocasarea said...

so the suspence continues......[which will be revealed soon]..:P

Noodlehead said...

not to worry, even if he talks about the blue elephant he is justified!! either way he'll be cute :)

PG said...

that's so very cute! Whatever he does, just praise him.