Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Paper laces

Yesterday Betu and me sat down to make these paper laces. Remember we used to make them as kids?

In the beginning he was a little confused when I was making the first one. But when I opened it and he saw the cut work he was mighty excited.

Then he wanted to do it too. I folded the papers and drew the lines where the paper needed to be cut. And he cut the paper on those lines. The amusement and excitement each time we opened the folds of the cut up paper was writ large on his face. And there was no stopping. So one after the another, we kept going. Here are some of the ones that we did -

Monday, December 29, 2008

Capturing Mumma-Papa's room

He captured our room by putting his toon stickers on the bedroom door. So now he says, its his room now and he is being nice to us by 'sharing' the room with us.

What can we say about losing the battle when we were not even given a chance to fight the battle. *sigh*

Friday, December 26, 2008

Writing his own name

After helping him spell his name whenever he would play with the pre-school activities where he would need to input his name, I was surprised to see today he had written it all by himself without any help whatsoever. He has finally learnt it by heart.

This is picture of the envelop which he asked me to make for him an hour ago, to keep his 'important' papers in with his name written on it by His Highness himself :)

Don't know why but I'm feeling quite happy seeing this :)


This is what he drew yesterday morning. A rabbit with 'delishioush' (delicious) carrots and two trees. This coloring set he had received from his previous daycare supervisor on his birthday this year. These are water color crayons. Yup..water color crayons. First you draw using them and with just water and brush spread it to give an effect of water color painting :) Interesting isn't it? Even I was quite amused with it when I saw them first.

Coming back to the drawing, I found the rabbit quite cute and the overall drawing very nice. Well..this could be a Mom's partial heart speaking here but then I really find it pretty good :)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Questions that leave me speechless..

Few days ago, Betu asked me a question that left me speechless. This is what our conversation was -

Betu: Hanuman kaun hain?
Me: Hamare Bhagwan ji hain.

Betu: Ram kaun hain?
Me: Woh bhi hamare Bhagwan ji hain.

Betu: *looking a bit confused* Ganesha kaun hain?
Me: Woh bhi hamare bhagwan ji hain.

*Betu looked totally bewildered and went silent for few seconds*

Betu: *finally speaking up* But Surabhi Ma'm be to bola ki ek hi bhagwan hote hain?
Me: *totally blank and speechless*

Do you have any answer to this? I definitely didn't know. But I with a big question mark on his face and waiting for me to answer I had to reply soemthing. After thinking for a while all I could say was "Bhagwan to ek hi hote hain. Unko alag alag naam se sab bulate hain." Before he could question me again, I simply distracted him and switched to some other conversation.

But off late I had had to resort to the 'distraction' method quite a few times. And I feel its not good. And may not work for long. What should I do or say when I myself don't know the answers of?

There are times when I'v even said that I do not know but he keeps on insisting "Aap to itne bade ho. Aapko pata hoga." With so much faith and trust in us parents, I don't think we are doing justice to the role.

Any suggestions here?

School Activities

Yesterday, Anirudh had to go dressed as any of the people who help us in our day to day lives. For e.g. Doctors, Postman etc.. I actually forgot totally about it till 8:30 PM the previous night. And then I just couldn't think of what to send him in as. I went to nearby shop, which was just about to close down, and bought the only available doctor set. It was pathetic quality-wise but did I have a choice?

Even though I bought it somehow I was not too game for using those stupid looking things which were to be called as a stethoscope, thermometer etc. Suddenly a bulb lit up in my head and I smacked myself for not thinking of such an easy yet a good option earlier. Why did I have to first waste those 100 rupees before this idea struck me. I decided I will send him as a "tailor". All I needed was a measuring tape, a scissor and a piece of cloth. And I surely had all of this.

So when I told him he shall be going as a tailor and not as a doctor, a lot of bawling and throwing tantrums happened. But somehow I managed to convince him about the uniqueness of it and he agreed. Now I had to make him remember few lines to speak. this is what I taught him - "I'm a tailor. I stitch clothes. This is the scissor and this is a measuring tape."

Although at home he recited them very well but I was quite doubtful if he would remember as I had taught him these sentences in the morning only.

Anyhow, when I picked him from daycare I asked him
Me: Did you do your tailor act in the class?
Betu: Yes

Me: How did it go?
Betu: Bahut achha

Me: What did you do?
Betu: Maine bola "I'm a tailor." Uske baad main bhool gaya isliye maine bola "Main phate huye kapde silta hoon".

Me: *trying to control laughter* Very good. What did Ma'm say?
Betu: Unhone bola "Good".

I was infact amazed at how he got this idea of "phate kapde silta hoon". And I think it was quite creative and spontaneous of him to come up with soemthing like this.

Later on asking who all had come as what, I figured only 60% of the kids came dressed as various helpers. Out of those 60% of the children, 90% came as doctors, one came as a teacher, one as a barber, one as a postman and he as a tailor.

So I used this to tell him "See. I told you everyone will come as doctors. No one else came as a tailor. You were special." A big grin came on his face hearing the word "special". :D

Monday, December 22, 2008

Making fridge magnets

Anirudh had received this box of "Create your own fridge magnets" as a return gift from a birthday party. Last week we finally got down to making them. The kit contained POP sachet, paints, brushes, moulds and magnets. Basically everything you needed to get to the job of making them. And so we did.

He wanted to take them out within minutes of pouring the paste in the moulds when the POP was still wet! It was such a task for me to keep him away from it. But I somehow managed that.

Here are the ones that we made and it was a combined painting effort of Betu and me which are beautifying what else but our fridge door :)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

A true fan of Shahrukh Khan

I've been writing about how he is a big fan of Shahrukh Khan and loves to not only wear clothes like him but dance like him as well!

Today we went to see the movie "Rab ne bana di jodi". After 10 mins of the movie had elapsed he asked in a very innocent way "Shahrukh Khan mooch hata ke kab dance karega?" (When will Shahrukh Khan remove his moustache and dance?) Not only us, but all the people sitting nearby had a good laugh.

When we were walkng down to the car after the movie had ended I asked him "Aapko movie kaisee lagi?" He again answered very earnestly "Thodi achhi lagi. Zyaada nahi. Shahrukh Khan 'Om Shanti Om' mein zyaada achha tha." See..he is not only a true fan but a good critique as well.

Shahrukh Khan..are you listening? :)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

He's growing up

As usual on our way back home after picking betu from daycare, we had stopped at the grocer to buy milk, bread etc. Today the shop was unusually crowded. As I was giving the order I suddenly heard Betu "aap excuse me to bol sakte ho!" in a bit of irritated and slightly loud voice. I got confused as to with whom he is talking. When I turned around I saw him looking at a lady with his brows knitted.

That lady smiled and said sorry. Its then that I could imagine what would have happened. Since the shop was crowded, she might have pushed past him.

Frankly I was quite amused. And happy. For he spoke up for himself. But at the same time I realised he was a bit rude. So I then itself told him that what he did was right but it would be good to say it softly.

It may actually be a very small incident but it made me quite happy that my lil boy is growing up good.

~~ Keep Smiling! ~~
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Sports Day Celebrations

Before the Sports Day Celebrations and Prize Distribution Ceremony at Betu's school fades away from my memory, I finally decided to write it out here.

The said event took place on December 5, 2008 at the Saket DDA Sports Complex. We were to be seated by 10 AM and I reached well in time by 9:45 and half the podium was empty. I found a friend and his wife who's child also is in the same school. I was glad I had company in case the event turns out to be boring. But there was no scope of any boredom thanks to some weird set of parents about whom you shall read in detail later in the post :)

So as we took seats, and settled down by 10:00, there was a lady sitting right in front of us who had 'reserved' 4 seats for her acquaintances by placing the program schedule over the seats. Despite protest from a few parents, she just wouldn't let go of those seats. The funny part is that her acquaintances didn't turn up till 1 hour after the start of the program. And during that 1 hour one parent actually ignored this lady's protests of these seats being reserved and settled down. I was glad that someone did that finally. And then one of the organizers also came and told her she can;t do that and let other parents take those seats which left this lady fuming :D

Even though the podium was 60% vacant, the program started right on schedule. Or rather 5 minutes before scheduled time of 10:00 AM. We were surprised but glad too.

It was an International Sports Meet and schools from other countries had also come for the event. A team from an Iraqi School had flown down especially for this event. And teams from Russian school and Japanese School which were located in Delhi itself came down as well.

Soon the formal march past started and after that the casual march past of younger kids. The parents went totally if their kid has broken a world record trying to capture their kids in the digicam/handycam. They didn't even bother if they were being an obstruction to the people sitting behind them. Within seconds, I had a wall of people standing in front of me. But I kept calm till this point. A organiser came and asked them to all settle down.

Then the cultural activities started and again all the parents went hysterical. And again the organiser had to come and settle the parents down. I still kept calm till this point. Surprised? Even I was with myself :P

The third time this happened I just couldn't keep my cool anymore and in my loudest of voices told them to please all sit down as we can't see a thing. I told them "We all are educated, literate people and lets behave like one and not like untamed animals." Lot of eyebrows and nasty faces were made while looking at me but that didn't make any difference to me because they did sit down after my statement.

When the fourth time they again stood up, I again shouted "Can you all please sit down? We have also come to watch the program. And why don't you go to the back if you want to click pictures?" This time again everyone turned to glare at me and some sat down while some didn't. I could hear some snide remarks like "Trying to show attitude!" and "What a snob" etc. But I just couldn't resist answering back to the lady who said "Peeche waale log co-operate bhi nahi kar rahe". I told her "Pahle co-operate ka matlab dictionary mein dekh kar ayo before using the word. Cooperation is not one sided. It has to be mutual." But then as you all know, such people are just incorrigible, shameless and insensitive. Whatever you say or do doesn't make any difference to them. I have wondered time and again why are we becoming so selfsih natured and I still have no answer. It really bogs me down but I really don't know what should I do.

The friend couple who I was sitting with told me that there is no point telling them anything and we moved away to find a better place and we actually did. We sat on the stair styled seats and managed to click some good pics as well. Sharing some pics from the event:

In his costume!

Kids running in colorful costumes!

Iraqi School

Russian School

Japanese School

here's my little champ!

Japanese students playing their special drums.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mumma doesn't know a thing

Today morning after hubby gave Betu the bath, I was trying to get him to wear clothes pretty quickly as it has started to get really chilly now. As usual, he was not standing properly and making it so tough to make him wear his clothes. And then I yelled saying "Anirudh!! Seedhey khadey ho! Tum thand kha jayoge nahi to!". He looked at me with such a bewildered expression and asked me "Thand koi khane ki cheez hai? Koi usko khata hai kya?".

I, as usual, just cracked up laughing and didn't know how to explain that there are phrases that one doesn't need to take by their literal meaning!

After we both were done laughing he didn't forget to add "Mumma ko to kuchh nahi pata!" and he went off to watch his Little Einstein :D

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thank you my Betu!

Yesterday I was down with migraine (yes again!) and when I reached home I changed and went to lie down. He soon came to me and put his soft little hands on my head and caressed me. Then he said "Main aapko ek story sunayunga, fir aap so jana." (I'll tell you a story and then you sleep.) He proceeded to press my forehead with his hands and started to tell a story of butterfly and a ladybird. And when he finished after a minute or two, he patted me softly on my forehead, tucked my blanket, switched off the lights, in a very soft voice said "Good Night. Ab aap so jayo" and closed the door gently.

And it just didn't end there. When I woke up he asked me "Aapka sir dard kaisa hai? Theek ho gaya?" (How is your headache? Is it ok now?)

Betu, I can't describe what I feel when you take care of me like this. I feel so so thankful to God for giving you as my loving child. Be like this always my lil boy! Mumma loves you a lot!

Monday, December 8, 2008

It begins early...

A recent conversation with Betu after I picked him from Daycare:

Me: Aapne kya kya kiya school mein aur daycare mein?
Betu: Kuchh Nahi (in quite a low/sad tone)

Me: Kyun? Kuchh to kiya hoga. masti kari hogi. Aapko mazaa aaya?
Betu: Nahi

Me: Kyun?
Betu: Mujhe Vrinda ne maara! (Vrinda is a 6 year old girl in his daycare)

Me: Aapne usko pareshaan kara kya?
Betu: Nahi. Main to usko bas kiss kar raha tha.

(His kisses are limited to cheek ones so far *wink*)

I had to really really control myself from laughing out hard. But I did laugh even though it was a suppressed laughter. And I was glad that Betu sits at the back seat and couldn't see me laughing else it would have hurt him more.

And at the same time I felt such a twinge of pain seeing how hurt he felt. There was this innocence and genuineness in his statement.

I gathered myself and told him that he should ask his friends if he can kiss them before doing so. I just didn't know what to tell him I definitely didn't want to tell him not to kiss because it would have meant its a bad thing which its not.

So again everybody. Any ideas on how to tackle this?

Friday, December 5, 2008

An interesting game

This is the toy we got for Betu this Diwali. It is called "OUCH". I know the name is funny but its really a good game even for adults. It has a main tower like thing. On which we need to put a bowl like thing which has a big hole in the center and mini holes on the sides. There as colored sticks which are quite flexible and we have to put them through the holes on the sides to make a mish-mash net. Then we have to drop the marbles that come along with the game. And then we close it with a bowl on the top.

There can be 4 players and each one has to take out sticks with the aim that no/minimum beads shall spiral down. The one who collects the most beads loses.

But I changed the rule a bit since its usually 2 player game for us. So whatever beads I have let roll down, he collects and whatever come out because of his pulling out a stick, I collect. So when there are no more marbles left in the top of the tower, the game ends and the one who has the most wins.

We were a bit apprehensive when we bought it whether he will enjoy it or not. But since he enjoys it and so do we, it definitely was a good buy. It costed us Rs. 400 which again is not very expensive in my view for such an interesting game.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

One of my "What-the-hell?!" moments was one of those moments. You get busy in the kitchen for 15 min and suddenly you realise you have not heard him in a long while, so you just come out of the kitchen just to check and this is the sight that hits me right on the face! I almost shriek; totally confused if this is the place which was completely in order just 15 mins ago; I pray that this may just be a dream and that someone comes soon and pinches me hard so that I wake up from this horrid horrid dream!!

But wasn't a dream after all! I just sat down with my both hands on my head and no clue what to say, what to do or where to start from. And then as if understanding my pain and seeing the horror in my eyes he comes to me, pats me on the shoulder and says "Mumma..koi baat nahi. Main aapki help karunga!"

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Sweet Little Don!

This incident dates to 2 weeks ago. On Nov 29th, was the wedding of Hubby's cousin and we were out shopping for an outfit for Betu. We saw many suits and after making him try 3-4 we finalised on one. So as we were trying someone in the shop said "Aisa suit to Shahrukh Khan ne Don mein pahna tha." Betu heard that and looked at himself agian in the mirror and asked "Main Shahrukh Khan jaisa lag raha hoon?" and everyone around had a good laugh at his question.

So when he wore it on the wedding, he was telling his cousins "Yeh Shahrukh Khan wala suit hai!"

The Sharukh Khan mania had come over him after we saw Om Shanti Om last year and it still continues. The cousin who was getting married shall be moving to Mumbai. So once he came to know that Shahrukh Khan also lives in the same city, he instructed me to pack 5 of his dresses and send him with his Bua (Hubby's cousin sister).

So here is my Lil Don aka Sharukh Khan eating aloo stuffed golgappas!

And the moment we entered the marriage venue, right at the entrance was the paan stall. And he straight away went to the paan-wala and ate his gulkand wala paan! And if I remember correctly in the movie Don, even Shahrukh Khan ate pan and did the jig on "Khayike paan banaras wala..". Betu has not seen the movie Don so it surely was quite an interesting coincidence.

We even managed to find good comfortable long toed formal black shoes for him to with his shoes. I so wanted to take a nice good pic of him alone which I could have printed and framed but it was just impossible to make him stand still!! This picture is the best one I could manage of him.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

He surely knows how to return a compliment.

He never hesitates in saying "Aap to bahut achhe lag rahe ho!" whenever any of us dresses up for a party/wedding or any get-together.

But recently because of all his tantrums and anger fits, I started calling him "Nautanki No. 1". The day I first said this to him, without blinking for a second he said "Aur aap Nautanki No. 2!"

And now, the compliment has extended to "Aap Nautanki No 2 se 10 tak ho!"

So be it positive or a negative, he surely knows how to return a compliment! :D