Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Questions that leave me speechless..

Few days ago, Betu asked me a question that left me speechless. This is what our conversation was -

Betu: Hanuman kaun hain?
Me: Hamare Bhagwan ji hain.

Betu: Ram kaun hain?
Me: Woh bhi hamare Bhagwan ji hain.

Betu: *looking a bit confused* Ganesha kaun hain?
Me: Woh bhi hamare bhagwan ji hain.

*Betu looked totally bewildered and went silent for few seconds*

Betu: *finally speaking up* But Surabhi Ma'm be to bola ki ek hi bhagwan hote hain?
Me: *totally blank and speechless*

Do you have any answer to this? I definitely didn't know. But I with a big question mark on his face and waiting for me to answer I had to reply soemthing. After thinking for a while all I could say was "Bhagwan to ek hi hote hain. Unko alag alag naam se sab bulate hain." Before he could question me again, I simply distracted him and switched to some other conversation.

But off late I had had to resort to the 'distraction' method quite a few times. And I feel its not good. And may not work for long. What should I do or say when I myself don't know the answers of?

There are times when I'v even said that I do not know but he keeps on insisting "Aap to itne bade ho. Aapko pata hoga." With so much faith and trust in us parents, I don't think we are doing justice to the role.

Any suggestions here?


Artnavy said...

no tips- only agreement that it is increasingly difficult to be the know all that kids think you are

lovely fridge magnet
lovelier idea to send him as a tailor

Miss Stymie said...

random vistor here...loved your post and have to agree with you regarding the "speechless on some weird questions the young ones come up with"

PG said...

he's a smart boy! Touch wood! A very good question. I think I rather be blank and not know the answer thn say something in a hurry which I realise afterwards that I myself don't believe in.
One thing which I know for sure is that there are a lot of questions, this being one of them, where there is nothing wrong in saying that you yourself don't know the answer. But, signal to him that you can discuss it with him and then come to a conclusion. And this is a question where even theologists would debate on, so we are only parents with a profession which has nothing to do with religion and God.
It is not easy at this age, no doubt. We cannot discuss with them the way we could with older children. But, I think you gave such a good answer, wow!

Monika said...

oh i dread this phase where kids ask all questions...very intelligent ones with no answers.. alas this is life and then somewhere they loose their innocence, become adults and then stop asking these valid very imp questions... i wish we could all find answers to these

Mama - Mia said...


i think your answer was fair! :)