Friday, December 26, 2008


This is what he drew yesterday morning. A rabbit with 'delishioush' (delicious) carrots and two trees. This coloring set he had received from his previous daycare supervisor on his birthday this year. These are water color crayons. Yup..water color crayons. First you draw using them and with just water and brush spread it to give an effect of water color painting :) Interesting isn't it? Even I was quite amused with it when I saw them first.

Coming back to the drawing, I found the rabbit quite cute and the overall drawing very nice. Well..this could be a Mom's partial heart speaking here but then I really find it pretty good :)


Swati said...

I think thats a be framed :)

PG said...

How did i miss this one? looks wonderful! Do keep it for future.

Monika said...

oh i like that painting a lot.. he is good at this