Friday, December 5, 2008

An interesting game

This is the toy we got for Betu this Diwali. It is called "OUCH". I know the name is funny but its really a good game even for adults. It has a main tower like thing. On which we need to put a bowl like thing which has a big hole in the center and mini holes on the sides. There as colored sticks which are quite flexible and we have to put them through the holes on the sides to make a mish-mash net. Then we have to drop the marbles that come along with the game. And then we close it with a bowl on the top.

There can be 4 players and each one has to take out sticks with the aim that no/minimum beads shall spiral down. The one who collects the most beads loses.

But I changed the rule a bit since its usually 2 player game for us. So whatever beads I have let roll down, he collects and whatever come out because of his pulling out a stick, I collect. So when there are no more marbles left in the top of the tower, the game ends and the one who has the most wins.

We were a bit apprehensive when we bought it whether he will enjoy it or not. But since he enjoys it and so do we, it definitely was a good buy. It costed us Rs. 400 which again is not very expensive in my view for such an interesting game.


Artnavy said...

I saw this and was wondering if Anush will like it

it does seem to be fun - i shld get it next time

Monika,Ansh said...

Sounds nice. Ansh has a few board games like ssanp-seedhi etc but he does not enjoy them much.
I'll try this one soon.

PG said...

sounds a lot of fun! would love to play one round with anirudh too. :)

Noodlehead said...

sounds like a fun game!! i'm looking for good games for BB...any suggestions?

Mama - Mia said...

looks like total fun!

once l'il older or rather even now, you can get him a game called jenga! defi not easy, but one of our nephew around betu's age is enjoying trying his hand at it!

and its equally challenging for us too!