Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hair cut!

Although this post is about a hair cut which usually is a regular affair unlike this time when Anirudh decided to take matters in his own hands.

If you are guessing what has happened I am sure all of you are thinking what it is. Yes he snipped off a lock of his hair one afternoon when he was home with his Dadi and Ma-Pa were away at work.

Little did he know that saving these cut up lock of hair to show off as an achievement would actually backfire on him. Because when he showed me the cut up hair I got angry! And he in a very heartbroken tone and a crestfallen face said "Maine to socha tha ki aap bologe good boy. Maine apne aap hair cut kara". I could only smile and hug him then. On asking why did he do so we were answered simply "woh baal bahut udh rahe the na isliye maine cut kar diye". I just sighed and have told him no more such activities to be undertaken which he seems to have agreed but only time will tell.

And it was not so long ago when a friend was talking about a similar incident with her boy and I had heaved a sigh of relief that Anirudh has done nothing like that. I guess I did it a bit too soon!

~~ Keep Smiling! ~~

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Sweet child of mine

It was 11 pm and I was trying to make him sleep while lying next to him and cuddling up. Suddenly I felt such a wave of emotions in me and I hugged him tight and gave him kisses on his cheeks and forehead. And soon he made me realise that better control this emotional display by saying "ab aap so jayo. Mujhe bhi neend aa rahi hai" :D
~~ Keep Smiling! ~~
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Monday, August 25, 2008

Celebrating Rakshabandhan!

Rakshabandhan with Vaidehi Didi & Sowmya Didi.

The Noddy rakhi was sent by his Vaishali Bua from Mumbai. She always sends Rakhis that keep Betu so excited. Last year she had sent a Spiderman one.

Anamika Bua had sent one with a teddy bear sharpener on it. He plucked off the sharpener even before the Rakhi could be tied. You can see the yellowish round base behind Noddy's head in the picture above where he is showing off his rakhis.

Authoritative Love

Since the past week Betu's Dadi-Dadu are here to take care of him since he had a viral relapse. And he has heen happy as a hare (is that a phrase?) ever since their arrival. I say a hare becuase he keeps jumping and hopping here and there. Not resting at all. And during their visit the three of them had made a pact that Betu will also go with them when they return to Jaipur. Although he was a little confused earlier when they told him papa-mumma won't come with them but sooner than later he was convinced he would go minus papa-mumma.

When he woke up yesterday evening and went to their bedroom, he only found his Dadi resting there. So he came back to me and asked about Dadu's whereabouts. When I told him Dadu has left for Jaipur, he looked at me a little surprised and a little shocked. After a few seconds he asked me "Fir kya main Dadi ke saath Jaipur jayunga?" I knew I was lying but nodded in affirmation. He was fine after that.

Today morning as I was in the kitchen, preparing breakfast, he came to me almost in tears asking "Dadi kahan hain?". I told him she has gone for her morning walk. But looking at his heartbroken and shattered face one could make out what he was thinking. He had thought Dadi has left to Jaipur too without him. :)

After his Dadi came back from her walk, he didn't even go to her to say good morning or give her a morning hug which he usually gives. As we were all sitting in the living room and I narrated the incident in the morning when he thought his Dadi has left to his Dadi she asked Betu "Tum mujhe yaad kar rahe the, par ab main bula rahi hoon to mere paas aa bhi nahi raha."

Without even looking towards her, in a very sarcastic tone he responded saying "Aapko walk zyaada achhi lagti hai na" and continued watching his Little Einstein.

Me and my MIL (his Dadi) had such a laugh and didn't know what to say after that :)

He expected them to be around when he wakes up and got angry when he didn't find them. It shows how much authority he feels he has on his grandparents and it also shows how much he adores them.

Touch wood for such bonding between Betu and his Dadi-Dadu!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Some incidents from yesterday:

Anirudh has been down with viral (3rd time in the past fortnight :( ) and was home with his grandparents yesterday. Here are some incidents that happened yesterday which I found quite funny. Funny enough to record them here.

Incident 1:
After I reached back home from work, Betu was running here and there and busy playing with things. Slowly his fever started to rise. So I told him. "Aap rest nahi kar rahe ho. Dekho ab aapka fever badh gaya." I guess I should have been accustomed to 'expect a whack' by now but the truth is I haven't. He retorts back "To aapko mujhe bolna chaihiye tha na ki Anirudh rest karo. Badmashi mat karo. Isme aapki galti huyee na!"

Yes my child..its always Mumma's faults! *rolling my eyes*

Incident 2:
Betu's Dadi was giving him milk in the morning. She gave him plain milk unawares that he takes it with bournvita. So when she extended the glass to him he frowned at the glass and looked at his Dadi and said "Yeh doodh achha nahi hai. Aapko doodh banana nahi aata!" My MIL was so shocked at his response and told me later in the evening that she couldn't help laughing at his statement and his expressions.

When he added later than "Main bournvita wala doodh peeta hoon", she went looking for the bottle but couldn't find it in the kitchen. So after few minutes he trots off to the kitchen and tells her where the bottle is but only after adding "Aapko kuchh nahi pata!"

Although my MIL was having a good laugh telling me this incident but I knew that I had to tell Betu that he has to be more courteous talking to elders. When I expressed this concern to my MIL, she just waved it off saying that he feels close to us and that's why he talks to us with such authority. And I felt this is what is called "Blind love of grandparents!" :D

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dancing a la Shahrukh Khan style!

Yesterday night when I was getting Betu changed into his night dress, I asked him to take his shirt off. After opening the buttons, he stood still for a few seconds and was eying me in a very naughty expression. I was wondering why and before I could think too much or ask him anything he broke into the "Dard-E-Disco" dance (from the movie Om Shanti Om) opening his shirt wide and shaking his body just like Shahrukh Khan does in that song.

I couldn't help laughing at this sudden act of his. He also started to laugh with me and kept at it for another minute. Later he asked me "Aap has kyun rahe the? Main to Sahrukh Khan jaise Om Santi Om wala dance kar raha tha" (He cannot pronounce 'Sh' as yet unless I made him say it slowly) I had no answer and just smiled but he wanted an answer and kept asking me so I simply told him "Mujhe mazaa aa raha tha aapko dekh kar" :D

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fascination with dentures.

I guess at one point or the other each kid gets fascinated with dentures. It amuses them that teeth can be taken out and kept in a box. And they try to pull out their teeth too. Betu was no different. He would look at his grandparents taking out dentures, brushing them holding in their hands and then putting it in a box full of water. The expressions on his face are a mix of bewilderment and being awed. It was about an year ago when he first saw dentures and was amused with it. The fascination still continues.

Today morning when he was all set to go for a morning walk with Dadi-Dadu, he came up to me super excited and said "Aapko pata hai Dau ke daant nikal jaate hain!" And he rushed back to see his Dadu putting on the dentures without even waiting for me to respond. :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

His creations!

Isn't this beautiful? I just loved the strokes and the combination of colors he used!

He really loves painting!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Back in action!

Up and about! Running here and there! Making a complete mess of the living room! Playing with his toys and leaving them scattered! Yes. So as you can see regular functioning has been resumed much to the agony of Mumma dear! But then Mumma dear is read y to bear this agony rather than Betu being sick :)

Here is one pic of Betu playing with his new Thomas train set -

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I should've...

...listened to him when he told me that he is not feeling well.

...listened to him when he asked me to take 'chhutti'.

...not thought that he is making excuses to avoid going to school.

...not been lazy to get his refill of medicines from his homeopath last weekend.

Just got a call from Betu's school saying he is not well and needs to be picked up. Hubby has gone to pick him up and will let me know how his health is. I just hope he gets well soon. I don't like him being so quiet because of ill health. Just not at all!

Friday, August 1, 2008

He is such an adorable child!

After picking him from his daycare, as we were driving back, the car was stopping abruptly. And it happened 3-4 times. Since it was rush hour, the vehicles behind me would honk on continuously.

He asked me each time the car stopped as to what happened. I would just tell him "Car kharab ho gayee hai". After a few minutes of silence, as we are waiting at a traffic signal, he says in a very compassionate tone "Maine socha ki jab main bada ho jayunga na, tab main aapko new car dilayunga!". I can't describe what I felt at that moment. If I had not been driving I would have just scooped him up in my arms and smothered him with kisses and cuddles! So I just managed to give him a peck on his head as the signal just then turned green. I'm sure with envy :D

I can't thank GOD enough for giving me such an adorable loving child! I love you my baby!