Friday, August 22, 2008

Some incidents from yesterday:

Anirudh has been down with viral (3rd time in the past fortnight :( ) and was home with his grandparents yesterday. Here are some incidents that happened yesterday which I found quite funny. Funny enough to record them here.

Incident 1:
After I reached back home from work, Betu was running here and there and busy playing with things. Slowly his fever started to rise. So I told him. "Aap rest nahi kar rahe ho. Dekho ab aapka fever badh gaya." I guess I should have been accustomed to 'expect a whack' by now but the truth is I haven't. He retorts back "To aapko mujhe bolna chaihiye tha na ki Anirudh rest karo. Badmashi mat karo. Isme aapki galti huyee na!"

Yes my child..its always Mumma's faults! *rolling my eyes*

Incident 2:
Betu's Dadi was giving him milk in the morning. She gave him plain milk unawares that he takes it with bournvita. So when she extended the glass to him he frowned at the glass and looked at his Dadi and said "Yeh doodh achha nahi hai. Aapko doodh banana nahi aata!" My MIL was so shocked at his response and told me later in the evening that she couldn't help laughing at his statement and his expressions.

When he added later than "Main bournvita wala doodh peeta hoon", she went looking for the bottle but couldn't find it in the kitchen. So after few minutes he trots off to the kitchen and tells her where the bottle is but only after adding "Aapko kuchh nahi pata!"

Although my MIL was having a good laugh telling me this incident but I knew that I had to tell Betu that he has to be more courteous talking to elders. When I expressed this concern to my MIL, she just waved it off saying that he feels close to us and that's why he talks to us with such authority. And I felt this is what is called "Blind love of grandparents!" :D


Swati said...

:) So cute ! Grand parents love is sure blind :)

--xh-- said...

grandparents r the most trusted allies for kids :)

anits said...

so cute ...:)

Monika,Ansh said...

Yes, & Ansh has got totally spoilt becoz of this blind love!
Hope Ani gets better soon.

Neera said...

So many things kids can get away with when with grandparents :)

PG said...

Such sweet incidences!
About Indcident 2: You said it! And isn't it good to have such grandparents. :)

Mama - Mia said...


he is really smart!! it is indeed always Mumma's fault! ;)