Monday, August 25, 2008

Authoritative Love

Since the past week Betu's Dadi-Dadu are here to take care of him since he had a viral relapse. And he has heen happy as a hare (is that a phrase?) ever since their arrival. I say a hare becuase he keeps jumping and hopping here and there. Not resting at all. And during their visit the three of them had made a pact that Betu will also go with them when they return to Jaipur. Although he was a little confused earlier when they told him papa-mumma won't come with them but sooner than later he was convinced he would go minus papa-mumma.

When he woke up yesterday evening and went to their bedroom, he only found his Dadi resting there. So he came back to me and asked about Dadu's whereabouts. When I told him Dadu has left for Jaipur, he looked at me a little surprised and a little shocked. After a few seconds he asked me "Fir kya main Dadi ke saath Jaipur jayunga?" I knew I was lying but nodded in affirmation. He was fine after that.

Today morning as I was in the kitchen, preparing breakfast, he came to me almost in tears asking "Dadi kahan hain?". I told him she has gone for her morning walk. But looking at his heartbroken and shattered face one could make out what he was thinking. He had thought Dadi has left to Jaipur too without him. :)

After his Dadi came back from her walk, he didn't even go to her to say good morning or give her a morning hug which he usually gives. As we were all sitting in the living room and I narrated the incident in the morning when he thought his Dadi has left to his Dadi she asked Betu "Tum mujhe yaad kar rahe the, par ab main bula rahi hoon to mere paas aa bhi nahi raha."

Without even looking towards her, in a very sarcastic tone he responded saying "Aapko walk zyaada achhi lagti hai na" and continued watching his Little Einstein.

Me and my MIL (his Dadi) had such a laugh and didn't know what to say after that :)

He expected them to be around when he wakes up and got angry when he didn't find them. It shows how much authority he feels he has on his grandparents and it also shows how much he adores them.

Touch wood for such bonding between Betu and his Dadi-Dadu!


Monika,Ansh said...

Oh that sounds so cute of him :)

Meira said...

happy as a lark, I think...though the hare's swift and cute character suits too :D
Geez! Do you have a virtual 'kaala tika' or a 'wood' to touch?

Monika said...

oh my god... thats sweet and smart of him :)

Swati said...

This is so very sweet. Love to him !

Mama - Mia said...

he is too cute! :D


DotThoughts said...


PG said...

how did I miss this cute incidence? It is so good to see this bond between him and his dadi. And somehow I wish I had some qualities of your dadi, isn't it? Lots of love to him.