Monday, June 30, 2008

I gave in to his demand...

..of "Mumma, please aaj chhutti le lo. Mujhe aapke paas rahna hai!". I just couldn't say no when I know that his school will start in 2 days and then option of taking off will not be there at all.

I had been lazy myself today morning and had thought of going a little late to work. Around 10ish. But after hearing his little pleading request I just didn't have the heart to say "I can't". After all what he wanted was just some time with me. It's not too much to ask for! Right? :D

So we are at home and he is so happy and excited about it! And I'm so happy to see him so happy! :)

Friday, June 27, 2008

He is so funny!

About an hour ago, me and betu went visiting Avi Bhaiyya who live in the next lane from our house. As Anirudh and Bhaiyya were playing, Bhaiyya saw a bruise on his forehead. On asking how did betu get hurt
Betu: "Samrat ne jump kara to mere ko lag gayee."

Bhaiyya: "Samrat kaun hai?"
Betu: "woh mera friend hai"

Bhaiyya: "par friend to nahi maarte?"
Betu: "woh naughty boy hai"

Bhaiyya: "aur aap naughty nahi ho?"
Betu: "Nahi to"

Me: "aap naughty nahi ho?"
Betu: *shakes his head in negative*

Me: "kaunse angle se?"
Betu: "mere angle se"

We all burst out laughing at this statement of his! I'm sure he didn't understand his own statement. :)

~~ Keep Smiling! ~~
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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lego blocks garden

Can you make out the tree? And the man in blue pants? And the little red, yellow and orange flowers with green stems?

And can you make out the green bush on the other side of the garden?


P.S. The idea to create this scene was mine. And I helped him in making bits and pieces.
~~ Keep Smiling! ~~

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Monday, June 23, 2008

His first sleep-over!

Betu had his first sleepover on Saturday night. It was totally unplanned. It so happened that I had gone to visit one of my cousin sisters who is visiting from US. There he has his 2 elder sisters, Sowmya and Vaidehi whom he is very fond of. So after dinner, when it was time for us to leave, he just put his foot down and refused to come back with us. In fact he asked us to go away and told us in clear words that he is going to stay there. So after a lot of tries to take him along with us, we finally agreed to leave him for the night. Since I was carrying an extra pair of clothes including undergarments, we decided to give it a try. Although it took a lot of convincing on my part as Hubby was not ready to leave him.

So to test the waters, we left but only to the nearby market and sat in the coffee shop to see if he asks for us after we have been gone for 30 mins. I called up and he still hadn't asked for us. Another 15 min later, I came to know he had already dozed off. We knew that he will be fine there and won't cry asking for us as we had expected.

So all went well through the night and when I called up around 8:30 Am, he was still asleep. I again called up around 10:00 AM to speak with him. I asked him if he had a good sleep to which he replied "haan". When I asked him what is he doing he told me 'Main aapse baad mein baat karunga. Main abhi busy hoon" and handed over the phone to his Mami. We both had such a laugh hearing him say this.

Finally he trotted back in the house around 7 PM when his Mama had come to drop him. In fact he didn't even want to come back then. He really enjoyed his sleepover and so did we *wink* :D

I guess now we should plan more of such sleepovers for them cousins since they have so much fun together.

Friday, June 20, 2008

His favourite these days..

...are the lego blocks that his Mausi got for him. So every single day they he spreads them all over the carpet and either makes us build something for him or builds something by himself. So last Sunday he was trying to make a really tall tower but it would just fall and break so he got really irritated and then I tried to help him make one. A tower much taller than him! :) Here is the pic of that tower -

He wants a pet!

About 2 months ago Betu had shown a desire to have a pet at home. But after that there was no mention of it until today evening. After I picked him up from his daycare, as he settled in his seat and buckled himself up he blurted "Mumma hum ek bird le kar aayenge". I asked him if he meant as a pet to which he confirmed "Haan. Woh hamare saath rahegi".

I tried to explain to him why we can't keep one "Par aap school jaate ho fir daycare aur mumma-papa office jaate hain, to uska dhyan kaun rakhega? Usko khana kaun dega?" He replied "Main usko daycare se jab aayunga tab khana de dunga" I again said "Par usko lunch kaun dega?"

He thought for 2 seconds and said "Uski Mumma bana dengi" I smiled and said "par hum to ek bird layenge na?". "Nahi, hum ek bird layenge aur uski Mumma bhi le kar aayenge" he replied promptly. I again tried to reason with him that Mumma-bird will also need to be fed. So I guess that hit the target and he kept thinking, a little confused and a little disappointed. Since it was such a sincere request from him to have a pet at home and I couldn't see him so disappointed I asked him "Aapko fish pasand hai? Hum ek fish le kar aayein?" His eyes opened wide in amusement and he said "Fish!" I nodded my head and added further "Fish din mein ek baar khana khati hai na. To aap usko subah school jaane se pahle khana khila dena fir shaam ko school se aa kar de dena".

His happiness was quite apparent with his sparkling eyes. He asked me next as to what do the fish eat. When I told him they have special food, he asked me if they eat roti. When I said no and repeated they have a special food that we will need to buy from market he continued "Par main usko bahut chhoti chhoti karke roti de dunga. Unko roti pasand lagti hai". I just smiled and didn't say anything.

So now this weekend I have to go and buy a fish bowl with maybe one or two fishes in it. I just hope he doesn't fiddle with them when I'm not watching!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mehendi tattoo!

Last to last weekend when I had gone to lajpat nagar market, Betu saw these mehendiwala's sitting in a line! He got so excited thinking they were the tattoo guys! And this is what he got done! :)

All the time we were given strict instructions to keep away lest we smudge his precious tattoo!
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Betu loves to eat 'ghutta' (bhutta)! Every single evening we get to eat it because of him!

And however hard I try to make him pronounce it correctly, it still remains a 'ghutta'. So everyone enjoy your bhutta...err...ghutta in the Monsoons! :)
~~ Keep Smiling! ~~
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Monday, June 16, 2008

Yeh baatuni ladka!

I asked him to go pee-pee like I always do before putting him to bed. I asked him to sit on the pot and do it. He comes back and tells me "aise to girls karti hain. Boys to khade ho kar karte hain!" (girls do it that way. Boys do it standing!). We both were speechless and hubby couldn't help but say "kya observation hai!"


About an hour ago me and hubby were talking about things in general when he started to tease me. So I rolled up the newspaper I was reading and started to hit hubby with that! Betu turned around and with the most disapproving look, shook his head and said "Galat baat! Ab aapse koi baat nahi karega!" (very bad! Now no one will talk to you) and went ahead to pacify hubby as if I had hurt him! Hubby and I both had to control our laughter!
~~ Keep Smiling! ~~
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Thursday, June 12, 2008

My little preacher!

As I was getting ready to leave for work, Anirudh comes up to me, with the pointing finger tells me "Aap office mein acche se kaam karna. Fir jaldi ghar aa jaana." I had to really hold back my laughter and with the most obedient face had to say "Ok betu!" :D

These days since he is at home with Dadi-Dadu, he is the one who sees us off when we leave for work and welcomes us when we come back.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dadu ka chela!

Anirudh has been very fond of his Dadu as might have been obvious from some of the posts I've written. You scold him and if he cries, he will cry asking for "Daaduuuu..". So his Dadu is his friend, his saviour, his everything.

His Dadu-Dadi are visiting us currently and he is having a blast at home with them! He went for a haircut with his Dadu yesterday. And also managed to make his Dadu buy him gems from the market.

He wants his Dadu to change his clothes. Today morning he wanted his Dadu to brush his teeth.

He has been sleeping next to his Dadu since they came. And yesterday when he wanted to sleep between both of them and Mummy moved him to her side to protect him from the direct exposure to A/C, he walked off from their room and came to ours.

And he is even ready to go to Jaipur back with his Dadu this time! I'm open to the idea since he will have company of his cousins Prakhar and Pallav and he cane come back with them after a week. But somehow Hubby is not sure about it.

So now you get the picture? He breathes Dadu, he sleeps Dadu, its just Dadu everywhere! And but of course Dadu is basking in this shower of love from his Beti! Yes his Dadu calls him "Meri beti!" :D

Edited to add: When I reached home in the evening, I learn't that he had his bath with his Dadu! Now I'm wondering what will it be next! :D

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Listening music with Nanu

Today he asked nanu to put on the headphones and to play some music. Nanu, but obviously, obliged and played a song. After listening to the song for 5 seconds he said "yeh to achha nahi hai".

So Nanu played another one but again was rejected by Betu as "achha nahi hai". This kept happening for the 5-6 songs and then betu declared "aapke paas to purane gaane gaane hain" in a very matter of factly tone. :) We all had such a laugh! And Nanu replied back saying "an Nanu bhi to purane hain!"

~~ Keep Smiling! ~~
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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Its craft time...

Anirudh was a bit cranky since evening. He kept complaining of ear ache. I gave him homeopathy medicines and it helped a bit it seems but till not his happy chirpy self.

So to distract him from his pain, I asked him if he wants to do some craft using egg carton that we had. When I asked him to paint them with whatever colors he wants, he was pretty excited. He has always loved to paint.

So I first cut up the egg cavities into flower shapes and then he painted them.

Then I cut up the leaves and he painted them green.

He had just finished a juice in the evening so I had a straw available from it.

Thus using just the carton and the colors and a straw we made these flowers!! It took us only about 20 min to make these.

So what started as an distracting activity turned out looking so nice :)

Monday, June 2, 2008

He gets kind of sad...

..when he finds mail in the mailbox and on asking if its for him I reply a "no". Ever since he got a birthday card in the mail, he asks me every time if there is a mail for him. It breaks my heart to see him getting so sad.

I remember how excited we used to be when we would come to know that there is a mail especially for us. And in this e-world today, he sure is going to miss out on that fun.

Do you think I should start mailing him stuff just to keep him happy? Some cards, some drawings that he can color up, just tidbits to make him happy and excited?

I think I will try doing that and see his reaction :)

Celebrating the end of the summer camp..

I wonder if the celebration was because "Glad thats its over!" or was it because they felt "It went well!" :D

Anyhow, whatever be the reason, the function was pretty decent and all the kids were pretty excited. Anirudh and the gang of boys danced to song "Hare Ram Hare Ram" from the movie Bhool Bhullaiyya.

Here are some pics:

With his gang of boys! He is about 4-5 months older than the rest.

Dancing to the song!

The cutest part was when all these kiddies started to do twist during the bit of the pop portion of the song. It was so cute to see these little kiddies shaking their bums :)