Monday, June 25, 2007

Few more memorable incidents.

"Tumko pasand lagta hai??
Thats how Betu asks if we like something :) Its like a mix of two sentences, "Tumko pasand hai?" and "Tumko achha lagta hai?". He had been using this sentence whenever we would go to a shop to buy something. And whatever the sales person will show, Betu will point at each one and say "Tumko pasand lagta hai?" :D And if we will ask him "Aapko achha lagta hai?" He would nod his head. And sometimes he would pick such awful stuff and say "Yeh achha hai!"


"Oh Wow! Yeh mera favourite hai!"
On friday night I was making myself a pair of jam and bread slices when Betu walked in the kitchen. And as soon as he saw me spreading Jam on bread he goes "Oh Wow! Yeh mera favourite hai!" I was totally awed at his expression. I never used the word "favourite" with him nor have ever tried to teach him this word. So him picking up new new words is quite amazing for us!


itchingtowrite said...

how cute. u cud never guess what they pick up observing us

~nm said...

ITW : Yes, we try to be very careful in usage of our words with him or around him. The other day Dh was kiddingwith me and calling me "Darling" and suddenly Betu pipes in "Darling!" "Yeh kya hota hai?" It was so amusing but we were scared that he should not repeat it in front of others!