Friday, June 15, 2007

His love for paints/colours!

When I say paints or colours it includes water colours, crayons, poster name it!

And I must admit I really admire his skill at colouring up the shapes etc. He does it quite neatly. he had been using crayons and pencil colours since a long time..since he was about 1.5 years. But recently he has acquired liking for water paints or shall I say painting with a bristle brush. Its the combination of brush and water that excites him. There are days when he does it so beautifully that I feel so proud and like to show off his works to all. And there are days when he does it so bad that people would say that earlier works that I showed were not done by this same boy.

Here are 2 of his good ones that I like to show off..

'A Tree'

'A fish in the Sea'

I haven't' clicked any bad ones yet..didn't see any reason to click them..hehehe...

Not to forget the days when he becomes our art teacher. Sometimes at night, betu will give me and DH each a sheet and a crayon. Then he himself will take a sheet and put it on the wall and draw something on it. Then he will ask us"What is dis?" ( English). If I answer wrong (mostly purposely and sometimes that its actually difficult to make out what he drew) he will say "Nooo...." and then he will tell us what he had drawn.

Then he will ask both of us to draw the same thing on our sheets. When we aer at it, he will come with his hands clasped behind his back and inspect what we are doing. He will also sometimes comment "Yeh aise banate hain?" and sometimes "Very Good Mumma/Papa!". Its really good to hear him compliment us!

Once the outlining is done, he will take away the crayons he gave us in the beginning and give a different color to both of us and then we are asked to fill the color in the outline. Again the inspection will start and he will tell us "Theek se karo..abhi white white dikh raha hai!" or "Theek se karo..line se bahar nahi nikalte! Uske andar karo."

So now we don't only have a dance teacher but also an art teacher in the making!


Swati said... don't you ever complain again are not good at painting..rather I should ask anirudh to give me some classes.

~nm said...

You are more than welcome to bowwor our art teacher! But be prepared for the scoldings ! :D