Tuesday, June 12, 2007

"Aap Mumma ho?" or "Aap Papa ho?"

Recently, whenever betu calls for either his 'Papa' or his 'Mumma' the person to answer back HAS TO BE the same he called for. If not you get a good one from him. So for e.g if he called for his 'Papa' and if I answer back he will wrinkle his nose, fold his arms on his chest and will ask in such an interrogative tone "Aap Papa ho?" :D

However I try to convince him that 'Papa' is busy and try to distract him with some other talks, he just will not listen! That works only a few rare of the times!

Same happens with DH if he goes to answer betu's call for 'Mumma!' The same question will be shot at him in the similar fashion "Aap Mumma ho?".

We both wonder where he picked this expression from!


Moppet's Mom said...

Hey just caught up with all your posts - Anirudh sounds like a smart one! Particularly loved this last post - he knows who he's calling, why should anyone else reply?! :-)

Looking forward to hearing more about him (and you!)

Swati said...

This is too Good ..:D