Monday, June 11, 2007

A big boy!

He's 3 years young now and my baby has turned into a big boy. Its so good to see him growing well but there are times when I miss my little baby! But as they say, "You gain some, you lose some!" :D Its so much fun to hear him talk. He started talking sentences suddenly when he was about 2 yrs and a month or two. We all were so surprised at the sudden outbursts of words and sentences from him and felt so very proud too! He used to speak few words and sentences earlier and sometimes by action we would understand what he wants to say.

I still remember the day when in the evening after picking him up from this new daycare I had given him some snack to eat. After finishing it he said something which sounded like "iwammo" and after he said 2-3 times I realised he was saying "I want more!" At first I felt so stupid not to understand what he was saying but at the same time it was so amusing to hear him say that. I thought it was a great progress since it had just been a week since he had started going to this new daycare (Pink Elephant). As the days progressed his speech kept increasing slowly and steadily.

He was also potty trained by this time leaving aside a few accidents. I remember how much I used to hear from everyone that I have delayed his potty training since I used diapers all the winters when he was about 8.5 months till 11 months when I should have actually potty trained him. Hearing those stuff really used to irritate me. But at 2 years and 3 months I used to feel happy and satisfied as I knew he was not behind being potty trained than usual non-diaper children.

He started to talk so authoritatively when he was about 2.5 years. He would get angry at us or tell us that we were doing something wrong. We literally used to roll out laughing hearing him talk like that. The first incident of this nature I remember is when I heard him say "paagal" (mad). I asked him who uses that word. So he said "Papa!" Probably when DH was scolding someone, betu picked up that word. So I told betu not to use that word. Its not a nice word. So later whenever he would hear me or DH saying that word we would get a nice little scolding from him. He would tell us "Aapne papagal kyun bola? Aise nahi bolte! Sorry bolo!" :D He would keep saying that till we would say "sorry".

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