Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What a night!

Don't start thinking on something exciting and happening on reading the title! It wasn't and wish to never have it again! It was one of those sleepless, testing your patience night. It was one of those "cramping in the legs" night for Betu. Yes..one of those. He has been having cramps in the legs since about 6-7 months..but not regularly. The frequency is more like once in 2 months but one can see how uneasy he gets. Its a mix of him wanting to sleep and the pain from the cramps. So lot of whining and tossing and turning mixed with 15 min naps in between.

We did talk to the paediatrician when it happened the first time and the third time. But all we heard that this was was growth cramps...something that we were expecting to hear. You might wonder why "expecting"? Just a few months before he had his first one, we had read an article about cramps in kids. The article also related the cramps to growth spurts. So when the first time Betu had a cramp, both me and DH immediately thought of the article. But just to be on safer side, we took him to the pead. Second time, we just tried to calm and soothe betu as we knew what it was. When it happened third time we again took him to the pead and to the homeopath who is treating him for his Bronchitis Allergy. They both said the same thing again - "Growing cramps". This is the 4th one he has had so far.

But what amuses me or irritates me is that why do these cramps occur only at night? Why? WHY?

And to add to all this was my migraine. I had a bad one yesterday. I'm sure it was due to all the smells of paint (we are getting our woodwork painted). It had been bothering me since day before. So because of my migraine, I slept off early at 9 PM and left Betu to be taken care by DH. Like always, Betu must have given DH a hard time and DH was out and over with his patience. So when this cramping thing started, DH was getting very irritated at Betu. So despite my throbbing pain on the left side of my head, I tried to take care of Betu. And after bit of cuddling and calming he finally slept for what seemed like an hour again to be woken by with another bout of cramp. So again the whole process started. I pressed his legs for sometime and then DH took over, some cuddling etc etc. Finally he slept well around 4:30 in the morning and we let him sleep till late as we both felt he needed that sleep after such a tiring night.

So now you know why I titled the post as I did!


Trishna Chaudhuri said...

read thru your blog..nice read..Pot Pourri is quite nice... don't know if they have ahigh chair..we took Joys stroller... so that helped...try it out .. it was good...where in delhi are you staying

Trishna Chaudhuri said...

also the SX 4 is very very cool... we took it for the same reason.. it was a great car and suited our budget.... the honda city was a lil over ... plus.. i dont know why i trust Maruti as a company... and plus... if you look out at the delhi roads... everyone seems to have a city... so lets be different .. what say you?

Trishna Chaudhuri said...

so do I .. I mean live in south delhi... pretty close to you..we should meet and let the babies play... maybe... write to me on gmail... trishna.chaudhuri@gmail.com

Poppins said...

Hey, what are thos growth cramps? I've never heard of them. Shows how many different things are out there that we parents don't have a clue about.

Hope the migraine and growth cramps don't coincide next time !

~nm said...

Poppins..I hope so too! I hate my migraines and I always think if I ever get one wish, I would ask for "no more migraines/headaches". My migraines are literally killing with all the..ok..I won't go in the details..its kind of gross. :P

Growth cramps are like i said in my post, that come with growth spurts. When the bones in the body are growing. I will send you the link for the article which describes it.

Just like that said...

What are growth cramps?
Sonny boy on rare occasions does say his 'leg is paining,' and we massage it for fun, thinking he just wants to be pampered like his parents at times.
Now I wonder if there is something more to it?

~nm said...

Here are some of the linsk I cold find on "Growing pains in toddlers".
This one at iparenting.com and this at Dr Sears Site