Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Waiting for Mumma

Yesterday I was home with Betu as his bronchitis was acting up and he was running high fever.

Although fever was gone yesterday evening he wanted me to stay home with him today also.

I promised him I would come home after lunch and he agreed.

Around 10:30 AM he called me and asked "Aapne lunch kar liya?" I told him that I haven't. He asked me to have it quickly and come home as I had promised him.


~~ Keep Smiling! ~~
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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

His first experience with a 2 month baby

We went to meet a relative who had a baby boy 2 months ago. It was Betu's first rendezvous with a baby so young. He was quite small himself when Aryan was born so he doesn't remember that bit.

So when we were going I was telling him how young the baby is and what he should not do since the baby is so small. It was really hard for him to believe that there can be a child who is not even 1 year old. He was asking me what all can he play with the baby and I was telling him the baby doesn't even sit right now. He cannot talk or walk or run. He was really amused and laughing as if I was telling all the wrong things. Or as if I was joking. But when he saw the baby he understood. He was trying to do things to make the baby smile. Clapping his hands. Brushing his hand on the baby''s forehead. Cooing with him. It was really cute to see him like this.

Later on the way he told me "Mumma, Baby kitna cute tha na?" and I just smiled and nodded. Here is the pic of him holding the baby in the lap. Sorry the quality isn't great since its from phone and the lighting wasn't proper in the room and I was trying to take without flash.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Who wants to be a 'good' boy?

Definitely not him.Yes, I'm talking about Betu here. He is in a very difficult stage right now. And I would definitely call it "early teens" . The defiance. The anger. "I just don't want to listen to you" phase. Bad behavior. Not talking to other/elders properly.

Yes..that's Betu. I'm surprised too. He wasn't like that 2 months ago.

Yesterday he told me in very clear words that he doesn't want to be a good boy. He wants to do all the bad things and that I can go ahead and punish him. In fact he wanted me to punish him.When I asked him why should I punish him he said because he has done a bad thing. On further asking if he thinks doing bad thing is right or wrong, he replied, its right thing. So when I reasoned with him that if he thinks its the right thing to do then why should I punish him. He responded that because he thinks its right but I think its wrong, that's why I should punish him.

I just didn't know what to say or do. I just moved away from him.

I've no clue what is leading to all this behavior change. One reason that I can think of is me not being able to spend enough time with him. Office has been too hectic and he is demanding attention by doing things which make me angry.

Betu, I just want to tell you that Mumma loves you and will do the best to spend more and more time with you. And that I don't want you to be a good boy all the time too. Just be yourself and be happy. I know you are not not happy too when you are upset and angry.

You are my jaan!