Wednesday, February 27, 2008

His paintings

The two paintings that he made recently:

The one above, was given to his papa saying "Yeh aapka gift hai"(This is your gift). And when hubby said "thank you" he added "Abhi touch nahi karna. Abhi geela hai. Nahi to kharab ho jayega."(Do not touch it now. Its still wet. Else it will get spoilt.) :D

And this one he gave to me as my "gift" and when I asked him what has he drawn he said "Bahut saare red flowers!"(lots of red flowers) and waved his hands to show how many . :)

He really loves to dabble with paints. You give him a brush, a paper and paints anytime and he is ready to paint. Right now I can call all his paintings as the abstract kinds. And I like some of them a lot. Like the one he gave to his papa, its so colorful.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Aapko kaise pata?

As I picked him from his daycare, he told me his friend Jas Karan ate "chewgli" and he also wants one.

For a moment I didn't understand what he wanted so I just said let's first sit in the car and then we will talk about it.

And as soon as we started driving, he said "Chalo market chalte hain aur 'chewgli' le kar aayenge. Mujhe bhi 'chewgli' khani hai.". And then it struck me that he meant "chewing gum".

But obviously I said no. And he started fussing. I tried to tell him that its not good thing to eat and he will get germs in the tummy. But he would not hear anything. I even pretended to call up his friend and ask him if he ate chewing gum and told Betu that his friend didn't eat it. But still he wouldn't listen and started getting angry.

I also was getting a little irritated now and told him "You are a bad boy!" and can you imagine what he replied to me? "Aapko kaise pata?" I just didn't know whether I should have gotten angry or laughed.

*rolling my eyes*

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Monday, February 25, 2008

Treasures from the pocket!

Today's findings include a blue balloon, a blue dried piece of clay, a navy blue colored broken piece of crayon and a broken piece of an eraser.

Any questions about them, like always, were answered with "Yeh mere hain!" and like always were left at that :D

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Treasures from the pocket!

Its after a very long time I've chanced upon Betu's pocket treasures. In fact I had started wondering why has he stopped. Silly mothers that we are :)

I just put a batch of laundry and this is what I found today in his pocket - a piece of green crayon and a pink tiny plastic bead. I know that this crayon is from his home crayons but I guess the plastic bead must be from his school...which he probably picked from the arts and crafts class. Anyways whatever it is, like always, I was amused at his treasures.

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Yeh ladka...Baba re baba!

I was talking to hubby in a loud and angry tone because of something wrong he had done. Betu got very upset that I was scolding HIS Papa.

When I told him why I was talking like that, he very matter of factly told me "Aapko mujhe bolna chahiye tha na? Main papa ko bolta. Aap Papa ko kyun daant rahe the?" (You should have told me. I would have said it to Papa. Why were you scolding him?)

I just looked at him open mouthed...totally dumbstruck...rolled my eyes and went on with whatever work I was doing.

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Main bahut busy hoon!

Whenever Betu is engrossed in either drawing or writing something on the paper, this is how his moodha is. Always! Slightly tilted, with the back portion in the air! :D

And while I thought that he must be busy with his painting, a little while later a strict command with his finger pointing to the fridge door "Yeh mera zaroori kaam hai. Aap isko touch nahi karna" (This is my important work. Do not touch this) made it clear what he was busy with in reality - writing gibberish...err...his important work on the sticky notes!

OK boss! We won't touch it! :D

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Betu's special comments...

I was feeling cold and couldn't find anything nearby and since I was feeling lazy to get up to get my shawl so I picked up hubby's jacket lying next to me. I promptly wore it.

As soon as Betu noticed me wearing his papa's jacket he asked me "Aapne Papa ki jacket kyun pahnee hai? Aap isko pahnoge to joker lagoge!"

Do I have any choice but to take off the jacket after these special comments?

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Friday, February 15, 2008

When Betu gets angry with Mumma...

Betu: Main aapko Mausi ke ghar chhod dunga.

Me: Aapko fir pyaree kaun karega?
Betu: Papa karte hain mujhko pyaree.

Me: Aapko khana kaun khilayega?
Betu: Papa de denge.

Me: aapko ninni kaun karayega?
Betu: Papa karate hain na..

Me: Aapko stories kaun sunayega?
Betu: Umm...main nahi sununga...

Me: Aapko Mumma ki yaad nahi aayegi?
Betu: Nahi ...umm...thodi si aayegi... Bas thodi si...

I sighed a relief that atleast 'thodi si to yaad aayegi' :D

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What do you...

... think when your child tells the Nanny "Dhyan se jaana!" who comes with us in the evening and gets down at a certain point on the way?

... say when your child tells you that he doesn't like this school and liked the older one better (which closed down last year in June)?

... do when your child says he gets frightened when other kids fight in the class and hit each other?

... think when your child tells you "Mujhe Ma'm to all the best bolna hai. Unki tabiyat theek nahi hai na isliye woh ghar chali gayee" (I want to say All the best to my Mam. She was not feeling well so she went back home)?

... do when your child tells you 'Mujhe aapki yaad aa rahi thi..main aapko dhoond raha tha" when you have just been away from him for 15 mins and not far away but just in the kitchen?

... feel when your child comes and asks you "Mumma chocolate nahi khate na?" And When answered "Nahi!" he says "TV mein woh ladki chocolate kha rahi thi!"?

... think when your child tells you he ate chocolate in the class that his Ma'm gave him and immediately realises he has made a mistake by telling you so and goes on to say "Maine kitnee baar bola mujhe nahi do, nahi do. Par Ma'm ne meri baat nahi suni"?

Monday, February 11, 2008

Trying to make a tattoo!

Yesterday night betu was trying to paint a tattoo just like "party waale uncle" :)

I did try to tell him that he needs poster paint and not water colors to make the tattoos but he would hear nothing of it so I also left him to do whatever he wanted.

He gave me strict warnings that if I smudge it, he won't make it again. "Dhyan rakhna. Aap kharab karoge to main dubara nahi banayunga!" :D

He got so carried away with the painting on hand business that about 20 min later he comes to me saying "Main Spiderman hoon!" and when I turned to look at him, to my horrors of horror he had painted his face red! I had to immediately wash his face off lest his skin gets any reactions from the paint chemicals. Although the paint set was child safe with non-toxic etc written on it but I just didn't want to take any chances.

After washing his face, he snuggled into me saying he will not do it again. And when I told him he looked more like a monkey than a Spiderman, he got angry saying "Nahi. Woh spiderman tha!" (No. That was a Spiderman). I just smiled and hugged him.

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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Anirudh and Aryan!

It was so much fun looking at both of them playing together. Anirudh was acting like such a big brother telling Aryan not to do certain things or else we will not take him to the market :D

They would fight also when both of them would want the same toy or the same book.

Aryan would shower Anirudh with puchhas and so would Anirudh to Aryan. It was like they were long lost brothers! :D

Anirudh was so upset when Aryan had to go.

And Aryan was so playful with me too. Although he cannot use words to express but his actions and expressions were enough to understand what he was saying. Like he would pat the chair next to him to tell me to sit next to him or would wave his hand and start walking towards the place he wanted me to accompany him. :)

How I wish I had more time to spend with him. He is just so adorable!

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Look Ma! My twin!!

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