Monday, February 25, 2008

Treasures from the pocket!

Today's findings include a blue balloon, a blue dried piece of clay, a navy blue colored broken piece of crayon and a broken piece of an eraser.

Any questions about them, like always, were answered with "Yeh mere hain!" and like always were left at that :D

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Ruchika Indrayan said...

Well, drawing ka shauk hai isko itna, so I guess Crayons to phir almost hamesha hi milenge iski pockets main :-) When you get time, do scan some of his paintings and show them on the slideshow. Where would he have found teh baloon from, that's whatI don't understand.

PG said...

Intresting, intresting! So, cute of him to colllect such things and be happy about it. How I wish I could get into his mind and feel that same saisfaction he gets.

PG said...

Intresting = Interesting :)

Preethi said...

Thats a lovely collection!! and what a simple answer to your questions!

Aryan said...

Ahhh...good collection..BTW—Does he bite the erasor???
Aryan's mom