Sunday, February 17, 2008

Yeh ladka...Baba re baba!

I was talking to hubby in a loud and angry tone because of something wrong he had done. Betu got very upset that I was scolding HIS Papa.

When I told him why I was talking like that, he very matter of factly told me "Aapko mujhe bolna chahiye tha na? Main papa ko bolta. Aap Papa ko kyun daant rahe the?" (You should have told me. I would have said it to Papa. Why were you scolding him?)

I just looked at him open mouthed...totally dumbstruck...rolled my eyes and went on with whatever work I was doing.

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PG said...

LOL! All these are just such cute inciedents. I'm sure Anirudh is going to laugh reading them one day!

Swati said...

Oops ...hheheheh
Next time don't do this ..tell your BOSS the problem ..don't try solve things on your own ..OKAY ?

Preethi said...

Haha.. Papa's advocate.. loved the busy bee and the aap joker lagoge post.. so cute!!!

Ruchika Indrayan said...

Well, looks likeI guess you'll need to control your temper around this boy. In a way its nice that he is teaching us all manners nad patience :-)

~nm said...

PG: I surely hopes he takes it in good humour else I will be doomed!

Swati: As if I have a choice now?

Preethi: Truly a Papa's Advocate..even when Hubby is scolding me, he takes side of his papa!

Ruchika : Yes..very true..I'm learning!

Thinking aloud said...

he..he..finally realised who the master is?

Mystic Margarita said...

Lol!! Looks like Anirudh has taken it upon himself to protect his papa from your wrath! :)