Monday, August 31, 2009

It shows how much he loves his Ben 10 toy...

...when he clicked close to 60 pictures in less than 10 min yesterday using my Blackberry. Don't believe me?

Here is the proof:

And ore so I've been given strict instructions not to delete any pic from my mobile so that he can have a look at them as and when he wants :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

My skating star

Its been about a year since Anirudh has been learning skating thrice a week at his daycare. And now I can see the confidence in him and the also the ease with which he does whatever he knows so far. Since the timings are from 4-5PM, I had been unable to see him skate until few days ago. It really felt so good to see him skate so smoothly. I took some pictures of him recently which I will share with you. Although I had shot one video also, but its a little heavy to upload here.
My skating star
What a smooth sailing...err rolling!

Thoda style to banta hai!

Well done my boy! You are just so awesome!

He a godfather?

Yesterday when I went to pick Betu from Daycare, I met a mother of another child and was exchanging greetings. And then she told me that Anirudh is like a godfather to Samarth. I looked at her a little confused and asked her "I didn't understand.". Then she went on to explain that if Anirudh tells Samarth that Samarth is a bad boy, Samarth keeps sulking till the time Anirudh doesn't say he is a good boy. And then he is really happy and chirpy. She added that even if she tells Samarth that no, he is a good boy it has no effect untill Anirudh says that. I just smiled and didin't know what to say.

On the way back I was talking to Anirudh about it. I told him that "Samarth really likes you and thinks of you as a really good friend. So if you tell Samarth that he is a bad boy, he feels bad and if you say he is a good boy he feels happy."

Then I asked him "Aap Samarth ko bad boy kyun bolte ho?" (Why do you call Samarth a bad boy?). He said "Jab woh Mitr (Another friend at daycare) ki tarah badmashi karta hai to woh uska friend ban jaata hai. Isliye main usko bad boy bolta hoon." (When he does naughty things like Mitr, he becomes Mitr's friend and that's why I call him bad boy).

So I asked Betu "Aap Mitr ko bhi bola karo ki woh badmashi nahi kare. Aap sab saath saath khela karo. Isse sabko achha lagega na?" (You ask Mitr to not to be naughty and you all play toghether. This way you all will be happy. RIght?). As he nodded in affirmation I closed the topic at that.

But I must say that I felt happy at the bond between Anirudh and his friend Samarth when Samarth's mother told me the whole story. It gave me a sense of pride as well.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

It shows... much he loves me when he started to cry seeing me crying and got angry at the person becasue of whom I was crying. He told the person "Aap bahut gande ho..aap meri mumma ko rula rahe ho" (You are very bad. You are making my Mom cry) and started to softly wipe my tears with his hands.

I can't tell you Betu what I felt that time because I've just no words to describe...I just hugged you tight and asked you not to get upset.

I love you so much so much!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

His take on ATMs

You just put any card in it and take out any amount of money.

He was kind of zapped that we first need to keep some money in the bank to be able to withdraw from ATM. How I wish it was so simple Betu :)

~~ Keep Smiling! ~~
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Monday, August 3, 2009

Now where did he learn this from?

Yesterday, after hubby gave Betu his bath, he wrapped Betu in towel with the towel reaching till his armpits. How Betu reacted to that neither me nor Hubby could have ever imagined. Can you guess?

He said "Aise to ladkiyan pahenti hain. Kya aap mujhe ladki banana chahte ho?" while adjusting the towel down to his waist level.

Me and hubby were totally zapped and didn't know what to say or do.

~~ Keep Smiling! ~~
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