Thursday, August 27, 2009

He a godfather?

Yesterday when I went to pick Betu from Daycare, I met a mother of another child and was exchanging greetings. And then she told me that Anirudh is like a godfather to Samarth. I looked at her a little confused and asked her "I didn't understand.". Then she went on to explain that if Anirudh tells Samarth that Samarth is a bad boy, Samarth keeps sulking till the time Anirudh doesn't say he is a good boy. And then he is really happy and chirpy. She added that even if she tells Samarth that no, he is a good boy it has no effect untill Anirudh says that. I just smiled and didin't know what to say.

On the way back I was talking to Anirudh about it. I told him that "Samarth really likes you and thinks of you as a really good friend. So if you tell Samarth that he is a bad boy, he feels bad and if you say he is a good boy he feels happy."

Then I asked him "Aap Samarth ko bad boy kyun bolte ho?" (Why do you call Samarth a bad boy?). He said "Jab woh Mitr (Another friend at daycare) ki tarah badmashi karta hai to woh uska friend ban jaata hai. Isliye main usko bad boy bolta hoon." (When he does naughty things like Mitr, he becomes Mitr's friend and that's why I call him bad boy).

So I asked Betu "Aap Mitr ko bhi bola karo ki woh badmashi nahi kare. Aap sab saath saath khela karo. Isse sabko achha lagega na?" (You ask Mitr to not to be naughty and you all play toghether. This way you all will be happy. RIght?). As he nodded in affirmation I closed the topic at that.

But I must say that I felt happy at the bond between Anirudh and his friend Samarth when Samarth's mother told me the whole story. It gave me a sense of pride as well.


Swati said...

:) lovely ..these kiddy friendships ..good that you record them to tell him stories later

Monika,Ansh said...

Aww..........that's so sweet.

Life Begins said...

O so sweet...this is no doubt a proud moment.
Anirudh is such an adorable and responsible kid. God bless!

PG said...

It makes us realise they are growing up, isn't it? A smart and sweet boy!