Friday, May 30, 2008

Some more sketches!

I think he has done a pretty good job at it. And I liked how he narrated us driving though the mountains as he had drawn!

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His sketches!

A cute little butterfly!
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Thursday, May 29, 2008

This clever little boy..

...he knows which door to know in what situation. As I was talking a to a friend I remembered an incident from the trip to Jaipur that we recently took to meet his grandparents.

We had booked tickets for a 6 AM Volvo on Saturday, May 24. And we had a dinner to go to on Friday night. I was trying to pack up quickly after coming back from dinner as I wanted to sleep early as I had to wake up at 4 AM. Anirudh was so excited about the trip that he just wouldn't sleep. He, by his own words, was trying to help me but was as such being more of a pain than any help. So I kept shouting at him to go to bed and so did Hubby.

So when we reached Jaipur, Betu's Dadu was waiting at the bus stop to pick us up. When I told Hubby tell to papa that there is no need to come to pick us up and we will come by auto, hubby said "Woh humein thode hi lene aatey hain. Woh to apne pote ke liye aate hain"(He doesn't come to pick us up. But to pick his grandchild) :D

Coming back to the incident, the moment Betu saw his Dadu, he ran towards him and was promptly picked up by his dadu and given tight hugs. Once through with the hugs and all, Betu poured out all his woes that how he got scolded yesterday night by Papa-Mumma and that he (Dadu) should scold us back! :)

Now what do you call this little imp of a boy!!??

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Learning to skate

Betu has been learning to skate at his daycare for the past 2-3 weeks and he is actually enjoying it good. Earlier I had enrolled him into self defense activities but since for 10 days he was the only student, they discontinued and I had the choice of sending him to either Skating or Dance. I preferred skating since its an outdoor activity.

About 2 weeks ago I met him coach and he said he is the best amongst the lot and has lot of control and balance. But..yes..there the but butts in here...when he sees a particular boy fall down, he will come to the same spot where that boy fell and would intentionally fall down there! *rolling my eyes*

I told this thing to his Nanu one day, he said, "Toh badhiya hai. Pata chalta hai ki kitna control hai. It shows what precision he has on the balance and control" (Its good. It shows how much control he has). I had nothing to say in response to his Nanu's logic :)

These grandparents I tell you...they always find good things in whatever their grand kids do!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Main Dadu paas ja raha hoon!

Wahan par khoob masti karunga! Khoob khoob khelunga!
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Friday, May 23, 2008

Chaddi 'pahen' kar phool khila hai..

Today morning while I was getting him dressed after his bath..I know I know..lot of cour converstaions are from the getting-dressed-after-bath times but what to do. Its either the mornings or evenings after I pick him up from the daycare that our converstaions happen.

So coming back to the beginning, so as I was getting him dressed I told him "betu ne to aaj Beyblades vest and beyblades underwear pahna hai!" Pointing to his vest he replied "Yeh beyblades baniyaan hai!". So I told him "Baniyan to English mein Vest kahte hain". And then I continued to tell him "Aur underwear to hindi mein kachha kahte hain!". He immediately piped in "Nahi..usko chaddi kahte hain!"

I just couldn't control my laughter hearing hte word chaddi and started to giggle. He was quite amused at my reaction and kept saying "Chaddi" just to make me laugh. And then I remembered the title song of "Jungle Book" in hindi which went something like this:

जंगल जंगल बात चली है, पता चला है
अरे, चड्डी 'पहन' के फूल खिला है, फूल खिला है!

एक परिंदा है शर्मिंदा - था - वो - नंगा !
अरे, इससे तो अंडे के अन्दर - था - वो -चंगा !
सोच रहा है , बाहर आखिर क्यों निकला है ( अरे, रे रे रे रे !)

अरे चड्डी ’पहन’ के फूल खिला है फूल खिला है.....

What ideas!!

Yesterday night he came to the living room carrying a bowl of water. I easily understood that he is going to start painting now.

The next minute he walked in with a dry broken branch, that he had been carrying as a prized possession since the past 2 days.

And then he started to paint. Paint not on paper but on the branch. You should have seen the concentration on his face. And when I clicked him, he turned towards me with his brows furrowed and anger look which said "Why are you disturbing me?"

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

He is soooooooo clever...

Today morning while I was, as usual, wiping him off after his bath and getting him dressed, he was troubling me a lot. He would run here and there and was throwing his clothes in the air and would shriek when they would fall on his head! Yeah ..that crazy he was being!

And as usual I was getting mad at him and when I reached my saturation point I started to shout angrily. And can you imagine what he did?

Well, you will not be able to guess anywhere near so let me tell you. He came running to me and gave a hard and long peck on my lips to shut me up! *rolling my eyes*

He really knows where and how to pull the strings...sigh..क्या करूँ इस लड़के का! उफ़!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

He is such a funny guy!

He really has become such a mastu ram!
And as Ruchi said earlierin one of the comments to one of my posts, he is really getting fun to be around!

About 15 min ago I gave him his pajama to wear. He looked at it while holding it and said "wah wah! Yeh to kitna clean hai!"

And an hour ago, he found some books that he had completely forgotten about. Holding them in his hands he exclaimed "are waah bhai waah!"

I have never discussed Harry potter with him. Never shown him the character or had any discussion amongst us. Today while flipping channels, he saw the glimpse of the Harry potter movie and immediately started to shout "Harry codder". It took me a while to understand what he was saying and left me wondering where he learnt about it. On asking he told me Yashu Bua had shown him Harry codder :) I corrected him on the pronunciation and now after every few minutes he keeps repeating it. Correctly. So I guess the Harry Potter mania has reached my home too! :D

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Monday, May 19, 2008

He's a growing boy!

Incident 1:
Betu, his Nanu (my father) and Nani-Amma (his great grandma and my Dadi) were eating fruits. My father offered some fruits to my daadi and she refused saying she has had enough. He tells her "Aap fruits nahi khayoge to aap bade nahi hoge!" (If you won't eat you will not grow up!) :D

Incident 2:
Two days ago, Betu, and my cousin's son, Dhruv, were playing together. After a while Dhruv started to be naughty. So his mum told him not to. Anirudh also joined the preaching bit by saying "Aaap aise karoge to main aapko ghumma le kar nahi jayunga" (If you will do this I won't take you along for the outing) :D

Incident 3:
While playing again with Dhruv, when Dhruv was not listening to what Betu was telling him, betu said "Bade bhaiya ki baat sunte hain. Main aapka bada bhaiyya hoon na? Meri baat suno." (You should listen to your elder brother. I'm your big brother. Right? So listen to me) :D

Incident 4:
Dhruv is aged 2 and lot of times we carry him in our laps. Looking at that Anirudh wanted us to carry him as well. I tried to carry him once in a while but kept telling him that you are a big boy and you should walk on your own. By end of the day he had enough of the declined "carry-me-please" requests so he said "Mujhe bada nahi hona!" (I don;t want to grow up.) I didn't understand why he said that so I asked him "Aap aise kyun bol rahe ho?" (Why are you saying like this?) He replied back "Kyunki fir aap mujhe godi nahi lete" (Because you do not carry me since I'm growing up). I didn't have anything to say to that. He was very right from his point of view. :D

His funny talks!

There are many a time when he doesn't pronounce the words correctly or sometimes distorts them enough to make anyone laugh. Remember how he used to say 'fatafat' as 'fata fata'? No? Read about it here.

These days whenever he has to say the word 'fatafat' he will say it as 'fatak fatak'. I will give you an example. Imagine the sentence "Maine kapde fatafat pahen liye hain". Now imagine the as to how he will say it "Maine kapde fatak fatak pahen liye hain!" hehehe..

Funny ain't it? :D

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Naughty Anirudh!

The idea was to paint on paper but I guess he was bored of doing the routine stuff! I came to the living room, where I had left him to do his paintings, on hearing him singing "Dhinga laka dhinga laka...". The way he was singing it was enough for me to realise that things were NOT NORMAL and come rushing there. And this is what I saw.

When he saw that he was caught, he started to giggle and teasingly kept doing his tribal dance with a smile on his face that said "Ab kya fayeda. Ab to maine paint kar liya!" (Whats the point now. I'm already done with it!)

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

My dinner!

You wanna have some? Its a yummy smiling star parantha!
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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Magic Mug

We got his Magic mug for Betu this Sunday. It a Disney mug with the Mickey mouse and friends characters with a dark blue background. However, if you put something hot inside it, the dark blue background fades and shows up the Disney park!

He wants a moustache!

Today morning after Betu came out of his bath and I was wiping him, Hubby came and gave him puchhas. Betu started to squirm a bit and on asking why he said "Aapki mooch chubh rahi hai" (Your moustache is hurting me). When Hubby walked away after giving him a few more puchhas, Betu said to me "Main bhi boy hoon na. Fir mere kyun nahi hai?" while pointing his finger to his upper lip (I'm also a boy then why don't I have it?). I just couldn't help laughing and called up hubby to tell him this.

When Hubby came to the room, Betu repeated "Mujhe bhi aapke jaise chahiye" (I also want like you have).

On being told that he is small and needs to grow up to be a big boy, he replied back in a kind of flustered tone "Main bada to ho gaya hoon na!"

I guess these days he gets to hear a lot of responses of "When you are a big boy" when he demands to do certain things that he has started to get a little flustered.

But Betu, you REALLY have to be a big boy to have your own moustache! :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Some incidents...

Incident 1:
Today evening, on our way to home from his daycare, he was reciting the name of the months in a year. Since he knows them well now I started to tell him today whose birthday comes in which month. So when I told him his Papa's birthday is coming in next month I also asked him what he will get as a gift for his Papa? In the beginning he said "Mujhe bhi gift chahiye" (I also want a gift). I told him that his birthday went by recently and he did get loads of gifts so now when its Papa's birthday he has to give a gift to his papa. So he went in his usual thinking mode saying "hmmm". I prodded him after a while again about what he will get his papa as a gift, so after again thinking for 2-3 seconds he says "Office bag!"

And I thought, "Wow! What an appropriate gift idea!" :)


Incident 2:
Couple of days ago, when I reached his daycare, he was in quite a cross mood. It didn't take me long to realise why. He was the last one to be picked up. All is friends had already left after being picked up by their respective moms or dads. So in anger he siad "Main aapke saath nahi aana chahunga. Aap gandi Mumma ho! (I would not like to come with you. You are a bad mommy). I tried to cuddle and reason with him but nothing was working. So I picked his bag and said "Ok. Mumma is going home now since you don't want mumma". Within 5 seconds he was sitting in the car but after saying "Theek hai. Main gandi Mumma ke saath chalunga. Par main baat nahi karunga" (OK. I will go with bad Mommy but I will not talk to you). I replied "OK" and started to drive back home.

Once he was quiet I pretended as if nothing had happened and started to talk to him. And I guess he had also forgotten and was responding to whatever I was saying. It had not been even 10 minutes from the time I picked him up, that he said "Sorry Mumma!" I didn't understand why he was saying sorry so I asked him the same. He replied "Maine aapko gandi Mumma bola na. Isliye main sorry bol raha hoon" (I called you a bad mommy thats why I'm saying sorry). I replied back saying "OK. Aagey se aap aise nahi bolna." (You should not say so in the future). And soon after I was smothered with lots of pucchas (kisses) and my title of "Aap bahut achhi mumma ho" was restored. :)

A budding drummer!!??

Anirudh received electric drums from my cousin who is visiting from USA currently. And they have been such a hit with him! Everyday in the evening , the moment he enters the house he will run towards them. In fact even I like them :P

Thank you Pankaj Mamu!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Yummilicious donuts!

We munched at the food court of Great India Place today evening! Betu saw this donuts shop there and went on like a stuck record to have one! The chocolate one! So off we went to "Mad About Donuts" and ordered one mango donut, one coconut one and one chocolate with custard filling in it!

It cost us 100 bucks for a pack of 3! Quite good for the price I thought when I was paying for it! But when I took a bite of my custard filling chocolate one, it seemed nothing less than heaven!

And betu, who had wanted a chocolate one, grabbed the mango one and ate it hungrily! He flatly refused to eat the chocolate one!

Anyone going there must have these donuts there! They are just out of the world!
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Clicks from the budding photographer!

The first one is of our society. The focus was on clouds. Atleast the intention was that! He has always been enamoured by the clouds and their shapes.

The other one is a click of a self drawn picture of a happy guy! Although the focus is slightly off you can still make out most of it! I really found this cute!
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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Splash pool at his daycare!

Betu's daycare got this big splash pool constructed recently and today they kind of inaugurated it. The kids had a wonderful time in it . You can imagine the size of the pool by looking at that man sitting on the other end of the pool repairing the wall.

When yesterday night Betu told me that Neha Ma'm has asked to bring swimming dress and towel and they will go to the pool, I was kind of confused. Firstly I thought is he making this up? Coz I've not been informed by his daycare about this pool time. Secondly, even if it was true I knew there was no pool in the daycare. So it must be those inflatable pools. I SMSed his daycare supervisor to confirm and she did.

And today morning Hubby told me about a really nice pool that has been made up at his daycare and he saw it yesterday when he went to pick up Betu. Since its towards the backside of the daycare, we never even realised about it being constructed.

So today when I went to pick up Betu, I went and saw the pool. Isn't it so nice? I just hope they are able to maintain it well otherwise it will be such a waste!

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Monday, May 5, 2008

Like father, like son!

I know I know I had done an earlier post on the same topic but lately I have seen so many similarities that I just had to write it out here -

  1. The moment either of them enters the house, they switch on the TV.
  2. You ask them what they want to eat for breakfast, 99.99% of times both their replies are "Poha!"
  3. You ask either of them what they want for lunch or dinner, they both reply "Daal - rice!"
  4. You ask both of them to look for something, they will do a cursory glance in the line of their eye level. They both will never bend down or even look down to make an effort to look for the said item.
Sigh...I guess I better accept this father son duo like they are...sigh...

Friday, May 2, 2008

My external memory chip!

Yeah I guess I better accept it that I'm growing old and I need an external memory chip. And I should be glad I have Betu to take over that role without any prodding, completely on his own automatically. :D

Yesterday evening around 8 PM I realised that both pairs of his school dress are soiled and I need to launder them then and there for him to wear it to school today. And today morning I was scramming here and there since I had extra bunch of duties to take care of, which Hubby takes care of since, but landed on my plate today since Hubby was traveling today.

And as I was ironing his dress hurriedly, Betu questioningly tells me "Aap yeh kyun iron kar rahe ho? Aaj to yellow day hai!" (Why are you ironing this? Its yellow day today!) I froze for a second trying to recall what date is it today an realised yes, it certainly is yellow day today wherein he has to go dressed in a yellow colored attire and carry a yellow colored object. I just slapped my forehead and said "Darn!" for all this scurrying up and trying to get his dress ready.

But then I also thought in my head "Thank god he remembered it!" So my little memory chip, thanks for helping Momma dear! :D

He is such a brat!!

But I guess you will laugh when you hear this. Anirudh's bathing routine is taken care of by his Papa. I just wipe him off and dress him up once he comes out of the bath. But since today his Papa was traveling and I had this additional task of bathing him, I was kind of hurrying him up. After asking him umpteenth time to take off his clothes, he was being fussy and trying to run away here and there. A look at the clock which showed its 7:20 got me on my toes and I started to hurry up more. We have to be out of the house by 8 AM and I still had to bathe and shampoo my hair too! And also had to pack his daycare bag.

I told him that this is the last time I'm asking him to take off his clothes on his own or I will do that and he still was not listening. So I started to take them off and he goes "Koi chhote bachhe ko pareshan karta hai?" (Is anyone supposed to trouble little kids?)

For a moment I was quiet and didn't know what to say. Then I said "Koi apni Mumma ko pareshan karta hai?" (Is the child supposed to trouble Mumma?). This little bugger didn't even blink and said "Haan!" (Yes!) and ran away in the bathroom.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Some funny conversations with Betu

Incident 1
This conversation happend on the way to home after I had picked up Betu from his daycare yesterday evening :

Me: Aapne school mein kya kara? Kya khaya? (What did you do in the your school and what did you eat?)
Betu: Kela (Banana)

Me: Kela khaya? (Ate banana?)
Betu: Nahi..Kela (No..banana)

Me: Haan Kela..banana? (
Betu: Visibly irritated now Ahhhhh..nahiii....Khela! (

Me: Ohh..Khela!!

And I continued to laugh for the next 15-20 seconds thinking on this f up between the words 'kela' and 'khela'. :D

While I was laughing, he kept looking at me totally amused and when I stopped he said "Main tabse to yahi kah raha tha. Aap ko samajh nahi aa raha tha" (I had been saying this it ever since. But you were not understanding)

Incident 2
Yesterday night around 9'O clock, hubby went to buy some battery water for the inverter. And I whispered to him to get some icecreams on the way back. I whispered lest Betu hears it and wants to have too. But he did hear it even when sitting on the other end of the room and starting to jump "Yay! yay! Icecream! Main bhi Khayunga!) (I will also eat). Hubby said "No ice cream" and went on his way. This conversation happened between Hubby and Betu yesterday night after he returned carrying a big 5 litre flask of the battery water. Hubby had not even stepped in the house when he ran towards the door and the moment hubby stepped in, he walked a circle around hubby.

Betu: Ice cream kahan hai? (Where is the ice cream?)
Hubby: Nahi laya. (I didn't get)

Betu: Yeh kya hai? (What is this?)
Hubby: Inverter ke liye battery water. (Batter water for the inverter)

Betu: Ice cream kyun nahi laye? (Why didn't you get ice cream?)
Hubby: Main battery water lene gaya tha. Yeh dekho...main woh le aaya. (I had gone to get battery water. Look..I got it)

Betu: Par aap ice cream to nahi laye na! (But you didn't get ice cream!)
Hubby: (laughed a little)

Betu: Main tabse kah raha tha ice cream khayenge. Aapne meri baat kyun nahi suni? (I had been saying since long that we will eat ice cream. Why didn't you listen to me?)