Tuesday, October 16, 2007

He's such a funny boy!

Incident 1:
Yesterday morning when Anirudh woke up he came to me in the living room where I was sitting and cuddled in my lap. Suddenly he picked up his head and asked "Light nahi aa rahi?" I said "Aa rahi hai!" He goes "Fir light(tube light) se ghooooon ki awaaz kyun aa rahi hai?"
(Since our inverter is not the digital kinds, whenever we switch on tube lights when there is no electricity and they are running on the inverter, they make this humming kind of a sound)

I had such a laugh at his observation!

Incident 2:
At dinner time, Anirudh was busy playing with some of his toys. So when I had served him and still he had not come despite calling him a numerous times, I said "Anirudh, fatafat aa jayo."

He didn't respond, so I raised my voice slightly and again said "Anirudh, fatafat!"

To which he responded "Hanji! Main fata fata aa raha hoon!"

(To those who may probably not be so easy with hindi 'fatafat' means 'to hurry up' and 'fata' means 'torn up' used with paper or cloth mainly)


Swati said...

Great sense of humour for sure :)
Liked the way you linked this blog to yours

artnavy said...

hahah- that is so funny fataa fataa

PG said...

LOL! That was just too funny! "..fata fata aa raha hoon!"
The link to your blog looks really cute and is a very good idea.

Just Like That said...

Dear Anirudh is so cutely funny! LOL!