Thursday, October 4, 2007

Fun time with cousins!

Anirudh had a simply marvelous time when he got to spend lots of time with his cousins at Dehradun during our recent trip from Sep 29 - Oct 2, 2007.

So during all these 4 days he had a blast. Being the youngest of the lot, he loved the attention he got and left no opportunity to even boss them around. And both his cousins who adore him to bits, did whatever he loved. Giving him whatever he wanted, doing whatever he wanted and letting him do whatever he wanted with their toys.

Although the number of fights that ensued between Anirudh and Pallav (the younger cousin) were no less since the age difference between them is little less than 2 years. They both wanted the same things at the same time, wanted to play with the same toys and just copy whatever the other was doing. So Prakhar being the elder brother would mediate and sort things out and console both of them to the best possible extent he could. It was really fun watching them all together.

Here are some pictures of the three brothers having fun!


DotMom said...

Anirudh looks adorable! Lovely pics. glad you had a nice trip!

Fuzzylogic said...

Just love the pics,brings back all childhood memories of my time with my cousins:)they look adorable especially in the 5th pic in the car!Seems like you had a great trip!

mnamma said...

Very nice pictures Anirudh's Mom! I bet Anirudh would cherish these childhodd memories with his cousins :)

Kodi's Mom said...

what a trip! cousins are the best! and so cute how the oldest of the three became mediator :)

Stone said...

Fantastic, I loved the last one!!

PG said...

Wow! lovely pictures! It is so good when he can spend time with cousines like this. So sweet of Prakhar mediating the fights of the younger ones!
Love to Anirudh!