Friday, October 5, 2007

His love for dance!

Every now and then Anirudh lets us know how much he loves dancing. I guess he's inherited this love from me. And today again he showed how much he really enjoys it.

As we all sat watching Jhalak Dikhla Jaa on Sony today, he watched it for sometime very keenly along with us. After a while he pulled me from the sofa as he wanted me to dance with him. So we both danced (shall I say hopped together like happy frogs? :D ) And in between he kept trying to imitate the steps the participants were doing. The best and the funniest part was when he wanted me to do the lifts with him just the way the male dancer was doing with his partner.

Since I was not able to do it exactly like them (but of course!) I got scoldings from him, "Aise nahi karte. Unko dekho (pointing at the TV). Theek se karo."


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Nisha said...

LOL! Kids can be so funny when they try to imitate adults. Frog jumping should have been really fun.

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Swati said...

You shd try and participate in nach baliye may be ..and he wud be proud...:D