Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Splash pool at his daycare!

Betu's daycare got this big splash pool constructed recently and today they kind of inaugurated it. The kids had a wonderful time in it . You can imagine the size of the pool by looking at that man sitting on the other end of the pool repairing the wall.

When yesterday night Betu told me that Neha Ma'm has asked to bring swimming dress and towel and they will go to the pool, I was kind of confused. Firstly I thought is he making this up? Coz I've not been informed by his daycare about this pool time. Secondly, even if it was true I knew there was no pool in the daycare. So it must be those inflatable pools. I SMSed his daycare supervisor to confirm and she did.

And today morning Hubby told me about a really nice pool that has been made up at his daycare and he saw it yesterday when he went to pick up Betu. Since its towards the backside of the daycare, we never even realised about it being constructed.

So today when I went to pick up Betu, I went and saw the pool. Isn't it so nice? I just hope they are able to maintain it well otherwise it will be such a waste!

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Swati said...

wow..Lovely BIG pool. So hope they conduct swimming classes as well

Meira said...

Oh Good. He's in for some Summer-time fun. :)
Wish we had a pool or two at work as well. Sigh!

Mama - Mia said...

ooh! it looks so inviting!! :)

so perfect for summer!!


Aryan said...

Wow..I can't believe..So cute..good betu will enjoy..

PG said...

WOW! Just the right time for one. Wish him lot of fun with it. Is it a shallow children's pool or also for adults?

The Gypsy said...

WOWWWWWWWWW its lovelyyyyyyy

Emaan said...

yes, the pool's really nice.. all i get to do is wiggle my legs in a bucket of water before my bath :-(

hi thr, how and with what did u start anirudh on semi-solids ? emaan is 4 months plus, ive started him on mashed banana & dall / rice water.. any other suggestions ? pls mail me khan.kehkashan@gmail.com

emaan's mom

--xh-- said...

wow. taht sur elooks wonderfull.. :-D

WhatsInAName said...

wowie! That looks lovely! I am ready to dive in.