Thursday, May 29, 2008

This clever little boy..

...he knows which door to know in what situation. As I was talking a to a friend I remembered an incident from the trip to Jaipur that we recently took to meet his grandparents.

We had booked tickets for a 6 AM Volvo on Saturday, May 24. And we had a dinner to go to on Friday night. I was trying to pack up quickly after coming back from dinner as I wanted to sleep early as I had to wake up at 4 AM. Anirudh was so excited about the trip that he just wouldn't sleep. He, by his own words, was trying to help me but was as such being more of a pain than any help. So I kept shouting at him to go to bed and so did Hubby.

So when we reached Jaipur, Betu's Dadu was waiting at the bus stop to pick us up. When I told Hubby tell to papa that there is no need to come to pick us up and we will come by auto, hubby said "Woh humein thode hi lene aatey hain. Woh to apne pote ke liye aate hain"(He doesn't come to pick us up. But to pick his grandchild) :D

Coming back to the incident, the moment Betu saw his Dadu, he ran towards him and was promptly picked up by his dadu and given tight hugs. Once through with the hugs and all, Betu poured out all his woes that how he got scolded yesterday night by Papa-Mumma and that he (Dadu) should scold us back! :)

Now what do you call this little imp of a boy!!??


Swati said...

LOL!! Phir daant padi ?

Sraikh said...

ROFL Funny

Monika said... always do that. Enjoy your stay in Jiapur! :)

--xh-- said...

LOLz.. hez sooo like me :)

Mama - Mia said...

they really know which side of the bread is buttered! :D

Preethi said...

hahaha... he is street smart.. you have to give him that :)

PG said...

LOL! yes, he really is smart! And that's good, as I always say! :)

Imp's Mom said... daughter does it too :)