Thursday, May 1, 2008

Some funny conversations with Betu

Incident 1
This conversation happend on the way to home after I had picked up Betu from his daycare yesterday evening :

Me: Aapne school mein kya kara? Kya khaya? (What did you do in the your school and what did you eat?)
Betu: Kela (Banana)

Me: Kela khaya? (Ate banana?)
Betu: Nahi..Kela (No..banana)

Me: Haan Kela..banana? (
Betu: Visibly irritated now Ahhhhh..nahiii....Khela! (

Me: Ohh..Khela!!

And I continued to laugh for the next 15-20 seconds thinking on this f up between the words 'kela' and 'khela'. :D

While I was laughing, he kept looking at me totally amused and when I stopped he said "Main tabse to yahi kah raha tha. Aap ko samajh nahi aa raha tha" (I had been saying this it ever since. But you were not understanding)

Incident 2
Yesterday night around 9'O clock, hubby went to buy some battery water for the inverter. And I whispered to him to get some icecreams on the way back. I whispered lest Betu hears it and wants to have too. But he did hear it even when sitting on the other end of the room and starting to jump "Yay! yay! Icecream! Main bhi Khayunga!) (I will also eat). Hubby said "No ice cream" and went on his way. This conversation happened between Hubby and Betu yesterday night after he returned carrying a big 5 litre flask of the battery water. Hubby had not even stepped in the house when he ran towards the door and the moment hubby stepped in, he walked a circle around hubby.

Betu: Ice cream kahan hai? (Where is the ice cream?)
Hubby: Nahi laya. (I didn't get)

Betu: Yeh kya hai? (What is this?)
Hubby: Inverter ke liye battery water. (Batter water for the inverter)

Betu: Ice cream kyun nahi laye? (Why didn't you get ice cream?)
Hubby: Main battery water lene gaya tha. Yeh dekho...main woh le aaya. (I had gone to get battery water. Look..I got it)

Betu: Par aap ice cream to nahi laye na! (But you didn't get ice cream!)
Hubby: (laughed a little)

Betu: Main tabse kah raha tha ice cream khayenge. Aapne meri baat kyun nahi suni? (I had been saying since long that we will eat ice cream. Why didn't you listen to me?)


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PG said...

Han... han... Aaj kal ke Bachche! :)

Swati said...

These Mumma and Papa never listen to kids ...bad girl and boy :-P

Aryan said...

Incident 1 is really hilarious...