Monday, May 19, 2008

His funny talks!

There are many a time when he doesn't pronounce the words correctly or sometimes distorts them enough to make anyone laugh. Remember how he used to say 'fatafat' as 'fata fata'? No? Read about it here.

These days whenever he has to say the word 'fatafat' he will say it as 'fatak fatak'. I will give you an example. Imagine the sentence "Maine kapde fatafat pahen liye hain". Now imagine the as to how he will say it "Maine kapde fatak fatak pahen liye hain!" hehehe..

Funny ain't it? :D


--xh-- said...

ROTFL.. yeah, kiddie talk is soo cute :)

PG said...

I remember that erlier incidence. And some how fatak fatak sounds good too!
Funny and cute! :)

pumpkins mom said...

so cute!

Suki said...

Aww, so cute!