Friday, May 23, 2008

What ideas!!

Yesterday night he came to the living room carrying a bowl of water. I easily understood that he is going to start painting now.

The next minute he walked in with a dry broken branch, that he had been carrying as a prized possession since the past 2 days.

And then he started to paint. Paint not on paper but on the branch. You should have seen the concentration on his face. And when I clicked him, he turned towards me with his brows furrowed and anger look which said "Why are you disturbing me?"


Meira said...

Like Mumma like child...when it comes to creativity :)

Swati said...

Innovative indeed !

Mama - Mia said...

NM - will you please adopt Kabir for sometime, turn him into almost anirudh and give him back to me??!! :D


Neera said...

mama-mia above stole my words!! Now really tell me few things

- Did Anirudh already had an interest in painting or did u do something to develop it?

- I see him painting very close to the carpet, something that would drive me berserk! Tell me I need to something abt myself and let kids be kids, right?

- Those collectibles that he collects (been a while since u did a post abt the treasures) - did u give him the idea (may be by doing so urself) or again is it his own?

Enlighten me please u superwoman and supermom!

~nm said...

Mama-Mia: I can sure keep him for sometime but not sure if I can make him like anirudh :)

Neera: I didn't so anything. I guess since I used to be fond of doing it myself as a kid so maybe its genetics :) and about the pocket treasures, its been a while since he came home with anything in his pockets. And again, I have no hand in it! And yeah, I let him paunt on the carpet. Its so dark that amidhea don't really show up and I guess also because I know our carpet will go for washing very soon so I guess I am a bit non chalant about it.

And get guys! Stop calling me a superwoman! I am a big lazy woman who would rather sit on the couch munching away at yummy goodies!

PG said...

WOW! that is really good, this hobby of his. Love to him.