Thursday, June 28, 2007

Our kids sure have a busier social life than us!

Every month at least we get one invite to attend a birthday party from one or the other of Anirudh's playmates at the school or the daycare. And its so true that their social lives are busier than us. Its because of Betu that we socialise whatever we do. So yesterday when we picked him up from his daycare, he showed us 2 invites in all the excitement you can ever imagine! Why would he not be had spiderman and the other had mickey mouse on them...the characters he so fond of!

While I open and read them with him in my lap, he is talking about the cake and the balloons and the works that they have at birthday celebrations! However all the time he was just talking about "Tina's bday!" I guess he must be more pally with Tina compared to Tara - the girl from the other invite. So pointing at each card one by one I told him "This is Tara's and this is Tina's". And suddenly I hear huge bawling! I was shocked for a moment as I didn't know what triggered it. I thought maybe the invite touched him somewhere on teh face and he got hurt. So I kept asking him "Kahan chot lagi? Kya hua?" and Betu is crying louder and louder with tears flowing down his cheeks without saying a word. I asked him to calm down and tell me what happened as I was totally clueless why he was crying.

So in between all the wailing he said something which sounded like "Yeh mera hai". And that's when it suddenly clicked to me as to what triggered all the drama. He thought I was saying that those invites belonged to Tina and Tara and not to him. I couldn't stop my laughter thinking how he had perceived my statement "This is Tara's and this is Tina's". God! How does the minds of the children work is still a puzzle for me. I'm learning each day!

So once I understood the reason for his bawling out, I told him "Haan Betu, yeh aapke hain par invitations Tara aur Tina ke hain". While still a few tears were rolling down he goes, "Nahi yeh mere hain!" I realised its no point talking to him further on this and said "Haan yeh aapke hain!" and he started cuddling with me and after few seconds, the crying stops totally and the excitement and talking about the birthday party returns! :D

However the best part was DHs comment in the end. Once Betu was all happy again, DH laughingly tells me "You must blog this!" I looked at him, all surprised with mouth gaping wondering if I heard right! He..talking about me blogging this..?? In fact I told him this upfront that I'm so surprised you told me this since you don't even read it yourself :P

And it was yesterday only when I commented on poppins post saying how unconcerned DH is about me blogging about Betu despite having given the URL to him. Sigh..such are the men!


Swati said...

Sure our kids have better social life than we do..don't you remember he got you so many friends even before he was born.. :D

Just like that said...

funny indeed are the ways of these kids! lol

itchingtowrite said...

haa haa. so is DH arurag??? don't answer just guessing...