Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thank you my Betu!

Yesterday I was down with migraine (yes again!) and when I reached home I changed and went to lie down. He soon came to me and put his soft little hands on my head and caressed me. Then he said "Main aapko ek story sunayunga, fir aap so jana." (I'll tell you a story and then you sleep.) He proceeded to press my forehead with his hands and started to tell a story of butterfly and a ladybird. And when he finished after a minute or two, he patted me softly on my forehead, tucked my blanket, switched off the lights, in a very soft voice said "Good Night. Ab aap so jayo" and closed the door gently.

And it just didn't end there. When I woke up he asked me "Aapka sir dard kaisa hai? Theek ho gaya?" (How is your headache? Is it ok now?)

Betu, I can't describe what I feel when you take care of me like this. I feel so so thankful to God for giving you as my loving child. Be like this always my lil boy! Mumma loves you a lot!


Mama - Mia said...


god bless!



Swati said...

so sweet :)

Monika,Ansh said...

Awww he is such a darling :)

Monika said...

he is such a loving and affectionate boy... god bless him

give him a tight hug from me :)

Kodi's Mom said...

he's such a sweet guy...mature beyond his years..
are you doing okay? frequent migranes?

Artnavy said...

U have such a blessing for a child

You okay now?

DotThoughts said...

what a gem!