Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summer holiday homework - Part 2

We made this brown paper bag pillow yesterday.

First we decorated the paper bag with cutouts of flowers and butterflies which were colored by Anirudh and then cut to shape by me. Anirudh wanted some star shapes also so I took the easy way out and asked him to use his star shaped stickers. Lazy mumma ehh? :)

Then Anirudh made some crushed newspaper balls and we stuffed them inside the paper bag. Lastly we sealed the paper bag from the open end as well and voila..a beautiful paper pillow was ready!


Swati said...

Lovely cud have done that with a cloth bag ..atleast I cud have used that as a pillow ;-)

~nm said...

Swati - Cloth one would take more time and energy..this was easier :D

Life Begins said...

Arre wah...u guys hav been upto some really wonderful craft work. Too good. how come I was missing all this action :)