Wednesday, June 16, 2010

There's no problem!

These days whenever I'm stuck and wonder how to go ahead in doing a certain task, Anirudh suggests what we can do and ends it with "There's no problem!" :)

For example, yesterday night I was telling hubby that we don't have any milk at home even for tea in the morning. So Betu said "Koi baat nahi Mumma. Main aur papa subah ja kar doodh le aayenge. There's no problem!" (Me and papa will go in the morning and buy the milk.)

Other day, he was asking me to bake his favourite chocolate cake for him and when I said there are no eggs at home, he said "Hum abhi ja kar le aate hain shop se. There's no problem!" (We shall go and get it from the shop now.)

So you can see how he is my little problem solver. Love you my jaan!


PG said...

Wonderful! Lots of Puchchas from Mausi for that!

Ruchika said...

Really sweet :-)

Swati said...

WOW..what else you need in life :)