Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Anirudh Talks!!

Incident 1:
Anirudh is watching a DVD in one room and I'm sitting in another room. I call him and he replies back "Main busy hoon!" (I'm busy!)

He is busy with his crayons and sheet of paper making something which probably only he can tell what it is. I call him to have dinner and he replies back "Main busy hoon!" (I'm busy!)

*rolling my eyes*

Incident 2:
An hour ago, after picking him from the daycare, we stopped at the local grocer to buy milk. Betu demanded juice and I got him a 3-pack since I had to send one on 18th as they are all going for a picnic. As we sat down in the car and started to drive back home, he started to open it. Rest of the conversation, here it is :

Me: Don't open it Betu. Ghar par kholenge. (We will open it at home)

Betu: Fir gir jayega (It will fall down?)
Me : Hmm

Betu: Fir dirty ho jayega? (It will get dirty?)
Me : Hmm

Betu: Fir aur nahi milega? (I won't get another one then?)
Me: Hmm

Betu: Fir aap gussa karoge? (Will you get angry?)
Me: Hmm

Betu: Fir aap pitti karoge? (Will you punish me?)
Me: Hmm

Betu: Bahut zor se pitti karoge? (Will you punish me bad?)
Me: Nahi.. (no)

Betu: Fir aap naraaj ho jayoge? (Then you will get upset with me?)
Me: Hmm

Betu: Fir aap mujhe pyaari nahi karoge? (Then you will not cuddle me?)
Me: Karungi (I will do)

Betu: (Smiling & Giggling) I lub you Mumma!

*rolling my eyes*


Nisha said...

Cho chweet. but that was a barrage of questions to tackle :)

Just Like That said...

Absolutely cute! I could just picture the conversaion totally!! :-D Hugs to Anirudh!

PG said...

Lovely! Just lovely!
I can't wait to meet him.
love from Mausi

Aryan said...

So cute he is...lovely
Aryan's mom