Thursday, January 24, 2008

Treasures from the pocket!

The diggings from the pocket today are: a thread reel which he has picked out from my sewing kit, a crushed up butter paper and a strip of drawing which has colorful elephants walking on water??

He has had this strange love for this thread reel since almost S year now. He just loves to info it and entangle things in it. There are times when that annoys me too much but otherwise I just let him.

As far as the drawing goes, I for sure know he hasn't made this drawing. When I asked him where he got it from, he told me that his Ma'm gave it to him. I prodded him more about it but he just kept repeating it. So I stopped asking him about it.

I have many a times seen that when I ask him about his pocket treasures, he gets a little possessive about them and keeps repeating "Yeh mera hai!" (this is mine). As if I am going to take them away. I have tried to tell him that they are yours but Mumma just wants to know. He still doesn't give me very coherent answers. So I have stopped asking now.

I guess I won't prod too much till I find anything that is valuable or wrong in his possession. Something that he shouldn't be carrying.

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ruchi said...

This is getting more interesting everyday!

PG said...

Yes, it is really interesting and sweet too. And you are right. These are his treasures and he is also allowed to keep secrets. Isn't it?!

Neera said...

A very innovative child to be saving all these treasures in his pocket!! I think kids do not have enough words to be able to explain the huge imaginative stories they weave in their little minds, hence the incoherent answers.