Friday, November 7, 2008

His first day-trip from School

They have gone to the School's farm. He was mighty excited. When I saw the note in his School Diary on Wednesday, I told him about the upcoming trip to the school's farm. The first thing he asked me was "Wahan par keechad mein pigs bhi honge?" (The pigs in the mud will also be there?). I just laughed and nodded.

Since then everyone he comes across, he HAS to tell them that he is going to the School's farm. And today morning when he was being fussy in waking up, we just had to mention the words "Today you will go to the farm!" and his eyes popped open and he went scurrying around to get ready :)

When I dropped him at the school in the morning, I asked one of the teacher's who is to go with them on the trip about the address and the contact number. I was quite surprised when she asked me why do I need to know. She said we have your numbers so if need be we will all you. I really had to explain really hard to her why I need to know, why a parent needs to know. And it took a lot of convincing to tell her that I'm not going to be pestering her with calls every now and then or land up at the place. Its just that WE NEED TO KNOW! And then she gave me her mobile number.

I think this is something very basic that the school should do - to give the details of the place they are going to and one contact number at least. Am surely going to be bringing this up in the next PTM and may write to the Principal also about it if I hear any resistance on the teacher's part in understanding the need.


Monika,Ansh said...

I do understand your "need to know".
Do write abt how he enojoyed the farm. The shool farm means they have a whole farm AT SCHOOL?

Meira said...

Wow! Such days out are fun. Good for him.
But the teacher's behavior was weird..they ought to keep parents informed!

~nm said...

Monika, they have a nice plant nursery at their school and the School has a farm in Gurgaon where they make their own khad and grow their plants and veggies.

Noodlehead said...

aww, he's so cute! btw, i totally agree with you. parents need to know...dunno why the teachers are so cagey about it.

brocasarea said...

he must be so excited....they are so enthusiastic....!:)

PG said...

I understand you totally. So, goood to know that he's gone to a farm. Do tell us about it. Will they take pictures?

Stone said...

Of course, its your right to know.

Send me that teacher's mobile no. ;-)

Mama - Mia said...

so how did it go??!! :D