Thursday, December 17, 2009

His thoughts on privacy

Today evening hubby was changing into pyajamas in the same room where me and Betu were busy playing a game i.e. In our bedroom.

The moment he saw his papa doing that Betu goes "Ladies ke saamne change nahi karte!" (You are not supposed to change in front of ladies)

Me and hubby had such a good laugh and realised he is growing up and a sense/need of privacy is growing in him. He has to shut the door of the loo when he is doing the deed. He has to shut the door when he is taking bath. Who will say he is only 5? :)

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JyotiAjay said...

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Swati said...

hahahah..too good

PG said...

LOL! :-D

How do we know said...

been here after ages, and its so awesome. this blog!