Thursday, April 29, 2010

My big boy yet my little baby

Big boy: When he tells me to drive carefully when he sees lots of traffic on the road or if he sees someone driving badly.
Little baby: He still likes to hold my hand when crossing the roads.

Big boy: When I see him taking care of his younger siblings and friends with so much care and tries to protect them from any harm.
Little baby: He still likes to cuddle with me every morning when he wakes up.

Big boy: When he gives me and hubby gyaan about not talking to each other in loud voices.
Little baby: When he still cries when he is sleepy and tired.

Big boy: When he always comes and asks me if he can help when I've guests over and doe everything I tell him perfectly.
Little baby: When he still wants me to feed him at dinner time and refuses to eat on his own.


Swati said...

aww..he is a darling in any case :)

PG said...

awwww......he is a cutie pie!
Very sweet, gentle and well mannered. :-)
your boy!

Ruchika said...

Oh he is a wonderful big brother. Sameer has always enjoyed being around 'Ani' bhaiya. He is a meethuram :-)