Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Going to be a big brother - 1

Hi Meethu, my jaan.

Since last year you have been asking us for a baby again and again. And one day I told you that we will have a baby after you turn 7 years. Later I realised I did a mistake there as you started to announce to the world about it and everyone started to look at me expectantly if I have some news to share whereas I had none.

So two-three months before your birthday you started prodding me how many days after your birthday will we have a baby in the house. And I had to talk to you in detail and explain a lot to let you know that we do not know. You were not happy. In fact you were very angry.

And soon after we realised I was pregnant. Since it was very initial phase we didn't tell you thinking you will be so excited that you will tell the whole world whereas we wanted to wait for at least one month to go by before we share with people other than close relatives. My physical play activities with you were intentionally reduced quite a bit. You were not liking it. We would just say Mumma is not well.

And then one day you got really really angry at me telling me I don't play with you at all these days. And if I'm so unwell why don't I go to a doctor and get medicines. I tried to cajole you, distract you but you would hear nothing of it. And then I told you. It was on Feb 27, 2011. I still remember the expression you had on your face. Although for a few seconds only. Because soon you got back into your angry mode and said that I was lying to you to make you feel happy. It took me good 5 min to convince you it was true. That you were going to be a big brother.

And then your whole mood changed. You were happy in a very different way. You wanted to know when did we do the baby making activity :) And why didn't we tell you when we did. I had no answers for that then but am sure when you grow up you will understand yourself.

You started giving me instructions on the dos and donts. I should sit softly. I should not stand. I should not tell office people as everyone will then come and talk to me and that will make me tired. So on and so forth. I was quite surprised as I didn't know where you learnt all this from.

That day you must have kissed my tummy at least 50 times. And then made it a routine to kiss my tummy or rather kiss the baby every morning and greet the baby saying "Good Morning".


Life Begins said...

OOOO so so cute...i am toattly emotional now
Bless u Anirudh and Best wishes Nids. Wishing you a smooth and smiling pregnancy.

Suddenly all memories from ur first pregnancy come aflash :) :) i do remember quite a bit :)

~nm said...

LB: Ofcourse you will remember...being my workstation neighbour at work, plus you were my acting sasu-ma telling me the dos and donts during the first one... :D

K 3 said...

YAY!! soo happy for you, Nids. Congrats and here's wishing you a smooth pregnancy.


~nm said...

Thanks K3

Neera said...

Wow ..such a sweet big brother already? Can't wait to hear the siblings' stories once the little one actually enters the scene :) Till then much good luck and love!