Sunday, December 2, 2007

He leaves me so speechless!

Everyday Betu will do or say something which will leave me totally speechless or awed! But with my aging memory I usually forget such incidents by end of the day to blog about them. But some incidents which I still remember I'm jotting down here -

Incident 1:
Friday evening after I picked him up from school and came back home, we had just entered the house and put down my bag that he comes to me, hugs me and tells me "Aap udaas nahi hona. Main aapko chhod kar nahi jayunga." (Don't get sad. I will not leave you and go.) And starts to smother me with his puchhas (kisses) and hugs all over my face and my shoulder, my hands, my chest and just about anywhere. This went on for about 30 seconds and I hugged him tight after that and told him "Main kabhi udaas nahi hongi. Mujhe pata hai mera meethu mujhe chhod kar kahin nahi jayega!" (I will never get sad. I know my sweetie pie will not leave me and go anywhere.)


Incident 2:
On Saturday, Dec 1, 2007, we had gone to his Nanu's place as he had organised "Sundarkand Path" at a nearby temple. And for prashad he had made arrangements for the traditional combination of suji halwa (semolina halwa) and kala chana (black gram). So as the puja was nearing the end I got up and started to serve halwa and chana so that its a easy situation when the time come to give prashad to all. Looking at me putting chana in one dona (leaf bowls) and halwa in another, he said "Main aapki madad karunga (I will help you). I knew the offer was more because it seemed fun to him rather than of helping me as such and I let him. And I was amazed what a good job he was doing with bare minimum spilling around. And that too was over when I told him to hold the dona over the main bowl of chana so that whatever spills, falls inside the bowl itself. By the time we finished giving prashad to all, he had helped us serve about 25 odd donas of chana. Everyone who saw him, went ga-ga saying "What a lovely little child he is!" "See how he is helping!" :D

Here is one pic of him serving up


Incident 3:
On this same Saturday i.e Dec 1, 2007, when we were returning back home from his Nanu's house, he saw a small Mandir(temple) on the way. Since he was sitting behind I didn't know that he had folded his hands and bowed when we passed by. And when he was done he glanced in the front (he was sitting in the back seat of the car and I was in the front passenger seat) to see if I had done so too or not. And when he saw I hadn't, he says "Aapne hath nahi jode? Maine to jode the. Fir Bhagwanji ne bola main very good boy hoon" (You didn't not fold hands? I did and God told me I'm a very good boy). I felt so awed and had a lil laugh at how he bestowed on himself the little adjectives from the God! And I simply replied to him "Sorry" and then did pranaam by folding my hands and bowing. And it was then that he was satisfied.

Incident 4:
Today i.e Dec 2, 2007, Sunday, we were going out to Ansal Plaza near South Extension, New Delhi and as I was locking the door, I dropped the bottle of water that I was carrying in my hands. Betu, who was standing just a few steps from me immediately piped in "Shabaash!" (Very good!) sarcastically just like the way I use it whenever he blunders something! It was just so hilarious to see him imitating the words we use and in the most appropriate situations! Its amazing how they observe and absorb whatever they see and hear and use them too!


2 B's mommy said...

OMG, how adorable ! Laughed out loud at the #4 ! too cute. A big tight hug to Anirudh from me.

Stone said...

Shabaash! :-)

karmickids said...

Sooooooooo adorable. And what a big boy he is becoming, every new photograph shows the change...