Thursday, December 13, 2007

Santa Koss and Chismas Tree

After making a Christmas Tree and painting a Santa Claus at school, he wanted one at home too "Mumma, hum bhi apne ghar mein chismas tree and Santa Koss lagayenge!". We have never celebrated Christmas at home. Not because we feel its not our religion or that we shouldn't. It just never happened. I only remember once decorating the Thuja tree with the ornaments that we had received as gift from somewhere. That was the first and the last time.

But when Anirudh wanted a tree at home too, I didn't say anything. Neither a yes nor a no. I just listened to him asking for it. He also didn't crib or fuss about it and it was all forgotten. But few days ago as I went to the Lajpat Nagar market to do come basic house stuff shopping like napkins, dustbin bags etc., I saw a small (artificial of course) Christmas tree in the same shop. This shop keeps lots of gift items also and party stuff. I saw the trees in different sizes and very pretty looking decorations too. I was reminded of Betu's request and was tempted enough to ask the price. The tree was for Rs. 20 only and decorations varied from Rs 5 a piece to Rs 25 a piece. Then I saw a box of assorted ones at a discounted price of Rs 40 which carried 10 ornaments. I went ahead and bought that too. So now I've a nice little tree with decorations too all for Rs. 60 :D

But I've hidden it from him and will decorate it next weekend at night so that when he gets up in the morning it will be a surprise for him. I'm wondering if I should buy a lil gift too and put underneath the tree as is the custom! I guess I will :)


Stone said...


{*..that aweee doesn't gel with my wasn't me ..*}

2 B's mommy said...

I am sure he is going to love that surprise !

I did that twice( putting up a tree) but I have stopped now as the 2Bs are grown up enough to understand that we don't celebrate Christmas as such and we have Diwali, Holi etc instead. They now happily decorate Krishnaji ka jhula on Janmashtami, or Ganeshji on Ganesh Chaturthi with all little ornaments, flowers etc :-) But they do participate in the Christmas celebrations at school or at friends and do that secret Santa stuff and all !

mnamma said...

He would love the surprise NM! He would really be thrilled!

DotMom said...

I want to see his afce when he looks at the tree! And please, please give him a gift from Santa! He will be soooo thriiled.